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Synopsis: A family crashes on a forest moon and the children must team up with the native people in order to save their parents.

Reaction: Not the best, but this movie is actually not too bad.

Personal Rating: 7/10

John Korty => Director
Bob Carrau => Writer
Peter Bernstein => Composer
George Lucas => Story
Joe Johnston => Production Designer
Aubree Miller => Cindel
Bobby Bell => Logray
Burl Ives => Narrator
Daniel Frishman => Deej
Darryl Henriques => Wicket (as Daryl Henriquez) (voice)
Debbie Lee Carrington => Weechee
Eric Walker => Mace
Fionnula Flanagan => Catarine
Guy Boyd => Jeremitt
Hal Rayle => Weechee (voice)
James Cranna => Widdle (as Jim Cranna) (voice)
Kevin Thompson => Chukha-Trok
Margarita Fernández => Kaink
Michael Pritchard => Chukha-Trok (voice)
Nancy Carlin => Shodu (voice)
Pam Grizz => Shodu
Pat Franklin => Kaink (voice)
Robert Elross => Logray (voice)
Sydney Walker => Deej (voice)
Tiffany Brissette => Voice (Uncredited) (uncredited)
Tony Cox => Widdle
Warwick Davis => Wicket W. Warrick

Random Trivia For This Title:

  • The movie took 6 weeks to film, a re-shooting took 1 week, and a dubbing procedure took 2 weeks. So the movie took 9 weeks to complete.
  • One of the matte paintings includes Winnie-the-Pooh sitting in a tree.
  • First of two made for TV spin-offs from the original Star Wars saga. [Star Wars] fans remain split as to whether they should be considered part of the official [Star Wars] canon.
  • Though made for TV, actually got a short theatrical run in Germany.
  • The Gorax is the only character not to be credited.
  • There were some alterations, and cuts. First, Mace was suppose to have his arm caught in a man-eating flower, but was changed to the creature in the tree that bit his arm. Second, at the end of the movie, Mace sees Izerinah (glowing firefly), says good-bye, and then it snows, and Cindel and the Ewoks dance out in the snow, when in reality it doesn't snow and there as no dancing, just victory music.
  • Inspired the later [Ewoks] cartoon series.