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Synopsis: Ebeneezer Nezzer gets a lesson in the meaning behind Easter.

Reaction: Fun and meaningful. Since it's a take on A Christmas Carol, it's a bit predictable, but it's just fine for kids.

Personal Rating: 8/10

Tim Hodge => Director / Granny Nezzer
Keith Lango => Writer
Kurt Heinecke => Composer
Dan Anderson => Rev. Gilbert (Dad Asparagus)
Lisa Vischer => Edmond Gilbert - Junior Asparagus
Mike Nawrocki => Millward Phelps (Larry the Cucumber)
Phil Vischer => Cavis Appythart (Bob the Tomato)
Rebecca St. James => Hope, the Music Box Angel

Random Trivia For This Title:

  • The oval picture on the wall in the Gilberts' home is Charles Dickens.
  • Granny Nezzer tells Mr. Nezzer that he will have a vision - a deliberate departure from the ghosts of Dickens' Christmas Carol. Ghosts were deemed to be inappropriate in a Christian kids' video.
  • Although this film was produced and released after The Star of Christmas, that story was actually written later, as a sort of prequel. The two were written as a matched set of "bookends" for the two most important holidays in Christianity.