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Spaceballs [1987] (1 disc)

Director:Mel Brooks
Writer:Mel Brooks
Ronny Graham
Thomas Meehan
Composer:John Morris
Length:96 minutes
(1 hour 36 minutes)
MPAA Rating:PG
Suggested Event Use:April Fools
Sorting Category:Comedy
Sorting Tub:Delta
IMDB Rating:6.8/10
Rotten Tomatoes Rating:56%
Amazon Rating:4.5/5 stars
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  • Comedy
  • Sci-Fi
  • Action
Available Formats:
HD DVDBlu-ray
3D Blu-rayDigital
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Synopsis: The Spaceballs have squandered their air. They then decide to steal the air from planet Druidia.

Reaction: Though a bit crude at times, this is one of Brooks' more consistently funny outings.

Personal Rating: 7/10

Mel Brooks => Director / Writer / President Skroob / Yogurt
Ronny Graham => Writer / Minister
Thomas Meehan => Writer
John Morris => Composer
Antonio Hoyos => Dink
Arturo Gil => Dink
Bill Pullman => Lone Starr
Brenda Strong => Nurse
Daphne Zuniga => Princess Vespa
Denise Gallup => Charlene
Dey Young => Waitress
Dian Gallup => Marlene
Dick Van Patten => King Roland
Dom DeLuise => Pizza The Hutt (voice)
Ed Gale => Dink
Felix Silla => Dink
George Wyner => Colonel Sandurz
Jeff MacGregor => Snotty
Jim J. Bullock => Prince Valium
Jim Jackman => Major A**hole
Joan Rivers => Dot Matrix (voice)
John Candy => Barf
John Hurt => Kane
John Kennedy Hayden => Dink
Leslie Bevis => Commanderette Zircon
Lorene Yarnell => Dot Matrix
Michael Winslow => Radar Technician
Michael York => Ape (voice)
Mike Pniewski => Laser Gunner (as Michael Pniewski)
Rick Ducommun => Prison Guard
Rick Moranis => Dark Helmet
Sandy Helberg => Dr. Schlotkin
Stephen Tobolowsky => Captain of the Guard
Tim Russ => Trooper
Tony Cox => Dink

Random Trivia For This Title:

  • When President Skroob meets the twins, he tells them to "chew [their] gum." This is a reference to "Doublemint" commercials featuring twins.
  • When Dark Helmet asks for transformation into Mega Maid, Colonel Sandurz says "Prepare for Metamorphosis". Then Dark Helmet says "Ready Kafka?" [?] Franz Kafka wrote a novel called The Metamorphosis. Mel Brooks also makes an obscure reference to The Metamorphosis in The Producers.
  • John Candy ad-libbed the line, "Oh, that's gonna leave a mark," after standing up without undoing his seat belt.
  • The "chestburster" scene in the interstellar diner features John Hurt, whose character suffered the same fate in Alien. In an obscure joke, the creature emulates the singing frog in the classic Warner Brothers cartoon One Froggy Evening. One of the ships parked outside is the Millennium Falcon from Star Wars.
  • The scene in which Dark Helmet (Rick Moranis) is playing with his dolls was not in the script. Mel Brooks came up with the idea on the set one day, and told it to Moranis, who then improvised the entire scene, including the dialogue.
  • Mel Brooks asked George Lucas's permission before spoofing Star Wars. George Lucas trusted Mel Brooks to make the film after reading the script, because he loved Blazing Saddles and Young Frankenstein. Lucas said that he could only make this film if no merchandise was manufactured which is why all the movie related products are shown in the movie. Said merchandising shown in the movie: - bed sheet - flame thrower - lunch box - cornflakes - towels - Yogurt figure - toilet paper - shaving cream - place mat - action figures.
  • In the scene where Dark Helmet is dressed in safari clothes searching for Lonestar and the others with binoculars, he is on top of a floating vehicle. In reality, the vehicle isn't floating or suspended on wires of any kind, but on top of a platform that was surrounded by mirrors that reflected the sand around it to give it the appearance of floating.
  • In the DVD commentary, Mel Brooks talks about how difficult it was playing the Yogurt character. The gold-colored makeup gave him a terrible rash on his face and neck, also his knees were hurting constantly since he had to walk around on his knees even though he was wearing kneepads. Brooks also goes on to say that in spite of the difficulties, he enjoyed playing as Yogurt tremendously and that it was all worth it.
  • Every time Dark Helmet has his face covered, his voice is lower and more basal, similar to James Earl Jones when he played Darth Vader. In the DVD commentary, Mel Brooks says that the idea of Dark Helmet's voice changing whenever his face was covered was actually Rick Moranis' idea.
  • A full face mask resembling a wrinkled bulldog was originally constructed for the character of Barf, but Mel Brooks quipped that 'if they were going to hide John Candy behind a mask, he might as well hire someone else for half the price'. A nose and upper lip piece was tried next, which Candy approved but again Brooks did not. They finally settled on animatronic ears connected to a hairpiece, a small nose application and a patch over one eye just like the dog from the [Our Gang] shorts. The costume was operated by three people. John Candy operated Barf's tail using a hidden control in his paw, while two assistants each controlled an ear. Candy's costume was powered by a 30-pound battery that he wore on his back.