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Parks and Recreation: Season 7 [2015]

Songs:Mark Rivers
Length:273 minutes
(4 hours 33 minutes)
Sorting Category:TV Show
IMDB Rating:8.6/10
Amazon Rating:4.5/5 stars
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  • Comedy
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Synopsis: The story leaps forward about 3 years and Leslie and Ben must deal with a large technology company coming in with some questionable business tactics.

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Adrian Zeigler => DJ Bluntz (Save JJ's)
Brent Briscoe => JJ (Save JJ's)
Jason Mantzoukas => Dennis Feinstein (Save JJ's)
Josh Groban => Josh Groban (Save JJ's)
Alan Yang => Chang (The Johnny Karate Super Awesome Musical Explosion Show)
John Cena => John Cena (The Johnny Karate Super Awesome Musical Explosion Show)
Mark Rivers => Rivers (The Johnny Karate Super Awesome Musical Explosion Show)
Alison Becker => Shauna Malwae-Tweep (One Last Ride: Part 1)
Andy Forrest => Kyle (One Last Ride: Part 1)
Horatio Sanz => Horatio Sanz (One Last Ride: Part 1)
Jill Biden => Jill Biden (One Last Ride: Part 1)
Joe Biden => Joe Biden (One Last Ride: Part 1)
Jon Daly => John (One Last Ride: Part 1)
Rashida Jones => Ann Perkins (One Last Ride: Part 1)
Rob Lowe => Chris Traeger (One Last Ride: Part 1)
Andrew Burlinson => Burly (Gryzzlbox)
Dax Shepard => Hank Muntak (Gryzzlbox)
Joe Mande => Morris (Gryzzlbox)
Barbara Boxer => Barbara Boxer (Ms. Ludgate-Dwyer Goes to Washington)
Cory Booker => Cory Booker (Ms. Ludgate-Dwyer Goes to Washington)
Herbert Russell => Lon Swanson (Ms. Ludgate-Dwyer Goes to Washington)
John Balma => Barney (Ms. Ludgate-Dwyer Goes to Washington)
John McCain => John McCain  (Ms. Ludgate-Dwyer Goes to Washington)
Kirsten Gillibrand => Kirsten Gillibrand (Ms. Ludgate-Dwyer Goes to Washington)
Madeleine Albright => Madeleine Albright (Ms. Ludgate-Dwyer Goes to Washington)
Matt Offerman => Don Swanson (Ms. Ludgate-Dwyer Goes to Washington)
Michael Strassner => Vaughn Swanson (as Michael David Strassner) (Ms. Ludgate-Dwyer Goes to Washington)
Orrin G. Hatch => Orrin G. Hatch (Ms. Ludgate-Dwyer Goes to Washington)
Bill Murray => Walter Gunderson (Two Funerals)
Brian Stack => Ted (Two Funerals)
Cletus Young => Salvatore (Two Funerals)
Helen Slayton-Hughes => Ethel Beavers (Two Funerals)
Nick Kroll => The Douche (Two Funerals)
Paul Rudd => Bobby Newport (Two Funerals)
Sam Elliott => Ron Dunn (Two Funerals)
Christie Brinkley => Gayle Gergich (Donna and Joe)
Ginuwine => Ginuwine (Donna and Joe)
Questlove => LeVondrious (as Questlove) (Donna and Joe)
Darlene Hunt => Marcia Langman (Pie-Mary)
Jim Meskimen => Martin Housely (Pie-Mary)
Mara Marini => Brandi Maxxxx (Pie-Mary)
Todd Sherry => Marshall Langman (Pie-Mary)
Eric Isenhower => Orin (Leslie and Ron)
Jon Glaser => Councilman Jamm (Ron & Jammy)
Megan Mullally => Tammy Two (Ron & Jammy)
Yvans Jourdain => Councilman Howser (Ron & Jammy)
Jon Hamm => Ed (2017)
Jonathan Joss => Ken Hotate (2017)
Marc Evan Jackson => Trevor Nelsson (2017)
Susan Yeagley => Jessica Wicks (2017)
Werner Herzog => Keg Jeggings (2017)
Jorma Taccone => Roscoe Santangelo (William Henry Harrison)
Amy Poehler => Director / Writer / Leslie Knope
Beth McCarthy-Miller => Director
Craig Zisk => Director
Dean Holland => Director
Greg Daniels => Director
Ken Whittingham => Director
Michael Schur => Director / Writer
Morgan Sackett => Director
Tom Magill => Director
Aisha Muharrar => Writer
Alan Yang => Writer
Dave King => Writer
Donick Cary => Writer
Emma Fletcher => Writer
Harris Wittels => Writer
Jen Statsky => Writer
Joe Mande => Writer
Matt Hubbard => Writer
Matt Murray => Writer
Megan Amram => Writer
Rachna Fruchbom => Writer
Mark Rivers => Songs
Adam Scott => Ben Wyatt
Aubrey Plaza => April Ludgate
Ben Schwartz => Jean-Ralphio
Billy Eichner => Craig Middlebrooks
Chris Pratt => Andy Dwyer
Henry Winkler => Dr. Saperstein
Jay Jackson => Perd Hapley
Jenny Slate => Mona-Lisa
Jim O'Heir => Jerry Gergich
Kathryn Hahn => Jennifer Barkley
Keegan-Michael Key => Joe
Mo Collins => Joan Callamezzo
Natalie Morales => Lucy
Nick Offerman => Ron Swanson
Retta => Donna Meagle
Rodney To => Typhoon

Random Trivia For This Title:

  • The entire season 7 was filmed in 2014 but was set in 2017. There are several predictions about life in 2017:
    1. Use of holographic phones (Did not come true)
    2. The collection of personal information through keywords via various platforms to cater needs to individuals using the service (came true)
    3. Use of television as video calls (came true but not popular)
    4. Antonin Scalia would no longer be on the supreme court. (Scalia passed away February 13, 2016)
    5. Chicago Cubs winning the World Series (came true)
    Never says who's President despite there being a new one since elections would have been in 2016.
  • After Mark Brendanawicz leaves at the end of season 2 he is never mentioned again. He is also the only ex-series regular not to return for the series finale. Paul Schneider claims that his character changed a lot from season 1 to season 2, so he wasn't surprised when Mark was written out at the end of season 2.
  • Jay Jackson, the actor who plays the comically literal Pawnee newscaster Perd Hapley, was for many years an actual print and broadcast journalist and anchor at news outlets in San Diego and Los Angeles. After he retired from journalism in the mid-2000s, through a friend's manager he got a small role as a reporter on a 2007 episode of [Dexter]. He agreed to allow the manager to send him on other auditions, but only as long as they only were for reporter roles, since that was his professional background, so he ended up also playing reporters on TV shows such as [Scandal], [Revenge], [The Closer], [The Mentalist], [Body of Proof], and [Braindead], as well as in movies such as Battleship and Fast Five.
  • Ellie Kemper auditioned for the role of Ann Perkins.
  • In {Gryzzlbox}, Dax Shepard plays [The Johnny Karate Show]'s producer, Hank Montauk, in this episode. His wife, Kristen Bell, also appeared a season earlier as Eagleton then Pawnee councilwoman Ingrid de Forest.
  • Ben is surprised to find out Ron Swanson has a brother, but in season 4, {I'm Leslie Knope}, Ron tells Leslie a story of how, when they were kids, his brother shot him in the foot with a nail gun as a prank. He probably asked her to never reveal those personal details to anyone or she would have absolutely shared that information with Ben.
  • Matt Offerman, Nick Offerman's brother, play Ron's brother in {Ms. Ludgate-Dwyer Goes to Washington}.
  • Back in {The Hunting Trip} Donna mentions wanting to see Twilight: New Moon. in this episode, 8 years later, Donna reveals April went with her.
  • For the Parks and Rec mix tape in {Leslie and Ron} Jerry chose {We Didn't Start the Fire} by Billy Joel. Jerry's wife is played by Joel's ex-wife, Christie Brinkley.
  • In {Ms. Ludgate-Dwyer Goes to Washington} Barbara Boxer says she has a meeting with the President but we still don't know who that is since it's never mentioned.
  • The show never intended to specify what political party Leslie Knope belonged to (it's never referred to during her successful campaign for a Pawnee Town Council seat) but it was decided to make her a Democrat because the series-concluding block of stories didn't seem plausible without Leslie being a member of a major party, and that her views were more in line with the Democrats than the Republicans.
  • {Pie-Mary} is one of only two episodes in the entire series where Aziz Ansari doesn't appear.
  • In {One Last Ride} Jean-Ralphio tells Leslie that he always loved her. Ben Schwartz, the actor who plays Jean-Ralphio, was originally cast as Leslie's love interest, Dave Sanderson. But the producers felt he was too young.
  • At Gary's funeral the body guards protecting Leslie and Ben happens because one of them has now been elected to president. Ben's badge implies that presidency leaning toward him. The producers decided to make the question of WHICH of them was currently POTUS unanswered. One theory from fans and critics is that Leslie has become President because the sequence of scenes goes from her giving a farewell speech after two terms as the Governor of Indiana and talking about "embarking on a new adventure" to a scene where she is told by Secret Service agents that it's time to leave the memorial service for Garry Gergich. Another theory is that Leslie had previously been President, and Ben has now been elected to the same office, so that Leslie is talking about being the First Lady and the security detail is in place because all former Presidents have one.
  • Two out of the three Lonely Island members have had guest apperances in the show (Andy Samberg as a park ranger in season two and Jorma Taccone as a Gryzzle employee in season seven).
  • When Andy (Chris Pratt) is handing out candy in {One Last Ride}, one of the kids is dressed as Star-Lord. Chris Pratt played Star-Lord in Guardians of the Galaxy.
  • The episode {The Johnny Karate Super Awesome Musical Explosion Show} does not contain the actual opening credits of the show, but instead a special Johnny Karate opening.
  • Amy Poehler once said that she would want Bill Murray to play mayor Gunderson if we ever got to see the character. The one and only episode in which he appears is {Two Funerals} where he is played by ... drumrollllllllll ... Bill Murray.