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Parks and Recreation: Season 1 [2009]

Songs:Mark Rivers
Length:126 minutes
(2 hours 6 minutes)
Sorting Category:TV Show
IMDB Rating:8.6/10
Amazon Rating:4.5/5 stars
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  • Comedy
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Synopsis: Leslie Knope commits to building a park with no knowledge of just how hard a fight she has in front of her.

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Alan Yang => Scarecrow Boat Bass (Rock Show)
Andrew Burlinson => Scarecrow Boat Guitar (Rock Show)
Blake Lee => Derek  (Rock Show)
Cooper Thornton => Dr. Harris (Rock Show)
Jama Williamson => Wendy Haverford (Rock Show)
Mark Rivers => Scarecrow Boat Drums (Rock Show)
Ron Perkins => George (Rock Show)
Stephanie Erb => Beth (Rock Show)
Alison Becker => Shauna Malwae-Tweep (The Reporter)
Brian Huskey => Morgan (Canvassing)
Eric Edelstein => Lawrence (Canvassing)
John Ingle => Man with Dog (Canvassing)
Lauren Katz => Betty (Canvassing)
Lennon Parham => Kate (Canvassing)
Nancy Lantis => Gwendolyn (Canvassing)
Pamela Reed => Marlene Knope (Canvassing)
Phil Reeves => Paul Iaresco (Canvassing)
Cletus Young => Salvatore (The Banquet)
Jim Meskimen => Martin Housely (The Banquet)
Loretta Fox => Janine Restrepo (The Banquet)
Dean Francois => City Commissioner  (Pilot)
Ian Roberts => Ian Winston (Pilot)
Jon Daly => Drunk (Pilot)
Stewart Skelton => Phil (Boys' Club)
Todd Grinnell => Nate (Boys' Club)
Beth McCarthy-Miller => Director
Greg Daniels => Director / Writer
Jeffrey Blitz => Director
Michael McCullers => Director
Michael Schur => Director / Writer
Seth Gordon => Director
Alan Yang => Writer
Daniel J. Goor => Writer
Norm Hiscock => Writer
Rachel Axler => Writer
Tucker Cawley => Writer
Mark Rivers => Songs
Amy Poehler => Leslie Knope
Aubrey Plaza => April Ludgate
Aziz Ansari => Tom Haverford
Chris Pratt => Andy Dwyer
Jim O'Heir => Jerry Gergich
Nick Offerman => Ron Swanson
Paul Schneider => Mark Brendanawicz
Rashida Jones => Ann Perkins
Retta => Donna Meagle

Random Trivia For This Title:

  • Chris Pratt does his own singing and guitar playing. He also wrote the song "Ann" for the first season finale, {Rock Show}.
  • The character Tom Haverford changed his name from Darwish Sabir Ismael Gani. The actor who plays Tom, Aziz Ansari, chose that as Tom's original name because it is his cousin's name. Ansari also shares with Tom the biographical fact that although his parents were originally from India, he was born and raised in a small town in South Carolina.
  • Thomas Lennon auditioned for the role of Ron Swanson.
  • Andy (Chris Pratt) and Lawrence (Eric Edelstein) play neighbors at odds in this episode. The two would later go on to work together in Jurassic World (2015). Pratt plays Owen and Edelstein plays Paddock Supervisor.
  • In order to spend more time over his directorial debut on the episode {Rock Show}, Michael Schur was forced to pull out of a guest appearance in The Office season finale {Company Picnic}. His recurring character of Mose was replaced, in that episode, by a nearly identical character, called Rolf.
  • April speaks to Andy for the first time in the episode {Rock Show}. The line she says is "I totally get what you mean."
  • The character of April has a sister named Natalie. This is the name of Aubrey Plaza's real life teenage sister, who she uses as a source of inspiration when playing April.
  • Matt Walsh and Mike O'Malley auditioned for the role of Ron Swanson. Walsh would later guest star as Leonard Tchulm and O'Malley would guest star as Bill Butler.
  • The game that Mark, Andy and April are playing when Anne and Leslie walk in on them (when they're supposed to be canvassing) is Rock Band 2, as evidenced by the song 'My own worst enemy' by Lit.
  • {Canvassing} is the only episode of the entire series not to feature Jim O'Heir.
  • In reality, the cast and crew all loved working with Jim O'Heir, who plays Jerry, the office scapegoat. The writers felt so bad about constantly being so mean to his character, and by extension him, that they gave Jerry the picture-perfect home life: three beautiful daughters, a beautiful home, and a happy marriage to his wife Gayle (played by former supermodel Christie Brinkley).
  • Ron Swanson's staunchly anti-government government official was based on a city planner who the show's producers met and interviewed when doing research. The planner was a Libertarian who admitted to them "I don't believe in the mission of my job."
  • Chris Pratt modelled Andy's singing voice after [?] Eddie Vedder, frontman of the band [?] Pearl Jam, of whom Andy Dwyer is a huge fan.