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Despicable Me 2 [2013] (2 discs)

Director:Chris Renaud
Pierre Coffin
Writer:Cinco Paul
Ken Daurio
Composer:Heitor Pereira
Length:98 minutes
(1 hour 38 minutes)
MPAA Rating:PG
Sorting Category:Family
Sorting Tub:Delta
IMDB Rating:7.5/10
Rotten Tomatoes Rating:74%
Amazon Rating:4.5/5 stars
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are subject to change
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  • Comedy
  • Kids
  • CG
  • Action
  • Family
  • Sci-Fi
  • Romance
Available Formats:
HD DVDBlu-ray
3D Blu-rayDigital
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Synopsis: When Gru, the world's most super-bad turned super-dad has been recruited by a team of officials to stop lethal muscle and a host of Gru's own, He has to fight back with new gadgetry, cars, and more minion madness.

Reaction: An excellent sequel. And there are several parts here that I may even prefer over the original.

Personal Rating: 8/10

Chris Renaud => Director / Evil Minions / Additional Minions / Italian Waiter (voice)
Pierre Coffin => Director / Stuart the Minion / Evil Minions (voice) / Additional Minions / Kevin the Minion / Bob the Minion
Cinco Paul => Writer
Ken Daurio => Writer
Heitor Pereira => Composer
April Winchell => Additional Voices (voice)
Benjamin Bratt => El Macho (voice) / Eduardo
Dana Gaier => Edith (voice)
Elsie Fisher => Agnes (voice)
Jess Harnell => Additional Voices (voice)
Ken Jeong => Floyd (voice)
Kristen Schaal => Shannon (voice)
Kristen Wiig => Lucy (voice)
Miranda Cosgrove => Margo (voice)
Moises Arias => Antonio (voice)
Nasim Pedrad => Jillian (voice)
Nickolai Stoilov => Arctic Lab Guards (voice)
Russell Brand => Dr. Nefario (voice)
Steve Carell => Gru (voice)
Steve Coogan => Silas (voice)
Vanessa Bayer => Flight Attendant (voice)

Random Trivia For This Title:

  • The actors are filmed the entire time they read their parts. Their facial and hand expressions are used on screen. Steve Carell's wife had fun pointing out the expressions in Gru that reminded her of Steve.
  • When Lucy and Gru are reviewing Paradise Mall shop owners (suspects), the owner of Stuff-A-Bear (a satire of Build-A-Bear) overstuffs a bear and it explodes, making an expectant little boy cry. The boy is the same one that Gru made cry with a popping balloon in the beginning of the first Despicable Me.
  • One of the minions in the end credits has Heterochromia iridum. His left eye is brown while his right eye is green.
  • When the Minions assemble to give Dr. Nefario a 21-fart-gun salute, Minions said "Pado" and then fart-gun sounds. "Pado" means fart, in Hindi language. Also, on the last "Pado" you can hear the normal sound of the 7 fart guns, but unlike the first two rounds, a higher pitched squeaky fart noise is also heard. Afterward Dr. Nefario says, "I counted 22." The minion next to Gru grins sheepishly and acts embarrassed, meaning the squeaky fart on the last round of fart guns was him, accounting for 22 farts instead of 21.
  • There are at least two minions called Kevin. In the first Despicable Me Kevin has one eye, in the second another minion named Kevin has two eyes and is taller.
  • Javier Bardem was supposed to voice the villain but dropped out.
  • The first Illumination Entertainment sequel and the highest-grossing 'Illumination Entertainment' film.
  • WILHELM SCREAM: At the start of the movie, as the magnet ship is overhead, one of the researchers falls and screams.
  • Though most of the movie was from the script, there were some lines ad-libbed by Steve Carell and Kristen Wiig.
  • Al Pacino was set to play Eduardo and had recorded his lines, but then dropped out of the project, with the studio citing "creative differences". He was replaced by Benjamin Bratt.
  • Just before the first two Minions are injected with the purple serum, they say 'kampei' - that's a Japanese toast, similar to 'cheers' or 'bottoms up'.
  • When the minion with the Popsicle wakes up on the island, he looks around and then heads to the beach. When you look toward the water, there is a green "El Macho" flag visible in the sand on the left side.
  • When Gru and Lucy are in the Salsa Salsa restaurant during the short fight with the chicken, there is an Alien reference when the chicken bursts out of Gru's chest.
  • When the minions sing "I Swear" at the wedding party, the title words are replaced with "Underwear". Oddly, though, the minions in question were modelled to resemble the singing group [?] Boyz II Men, however, the R&B group that originally recorded the song was All-4-One. [?] Boyz II Men never recorded it.SPOILER
  • After Gru pretends to be captured and enters the castle, one of the minions gets his purple covering smudged and one of the mutant minions points at him and screams - this is a reference to the end of the Invasion of the body snatchers film.