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Wonder Woman 1984 [2020] (2 discs)

Director:Patty Jenkins
Writer:Dave Callaham
Geoff Johns
Patty Jenkins
Composer:Hans Zimmer
Length:151 minutes
(2 hours 31 minutes)
MPAA Rating:PG-13
Sorting Category:Graphic Novel
IMDB Rating:5.4/10
Rotten Tomatoes Rating:59%
Amazon Rating:4.0/5 stars
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  • Action
  • Drama
  • Fantasy
  • Sci-Fi
  • Romance
Available Formats:
HD DVDBlu-ray
3D Blu-rayDigital
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Synopsis: Diana must contend with a work colleague and businessman, whose desire for extreme wealth sends the world down a path of destruction, after an ancient artifact that grants wishes goes missing.

Reaction: A little off the rails at times, but I still enjoy it for the most part.

Personal Rating: 6/10

Patty Jenkins => Director / Writer
Dave Callaham => Writer
Geoff Johns => Writer
Hans Zimmer => Composer
Amr Waked => Emir Said Bin Abydos
Belinda Mayne => Stagg's Secretary
Chris Pine => Steve Trevor
Colin Stinton => NORAD Colonel
Connie Nielsen => Hippolyta
Doutzen Kroes => Venelia
Eugene Brave Rock => Chief (Photograph) (credit only)
Ewen Bremner => Charlie (Photograph) (credit only)
Gal Gadot => Diana Prince
Kristen Wiig => Barbara Minerva
Kristoffer Polaha => Handsome Man
Lilly Aspell => Young Diana
Lucy Davis => Etta (Photograph) (credit only)
Pedro Pascal => Maxwell Lord
Philip Philmar => Janitor
Raquel Merediz => Eager Saleswoman (Clothes)
Robin Wright => Antiope
Sad Taghmaoui => Sameer (Photograph) (credit only)

Random Trivia For This Title:

  • According to the DC Comics, the Dreamstone originally belonged to the Sandman, the god of dreams, and who was famously the protagonist of the Neil Gaiman comic {"The Sandman"}.
  • When she and Diana first meet, Barbara mentions she studies cryptozoology. Barbara herself later becomes a cryptid.
  • Lilly Aspell (Young Diana) performed all the required physical stunt work herself at the age of 12, because it was deemed that she did the job better than her own stunt doubles.
  • As first reported by Variety, actress Gal Gadot was paid $10 million for this film (which she also produces) - 33 times more than what she made on the first film, Wonder Woman (2017) ($300,000).
  • The role of Cheetah was first offered to Emma Stone but she declined. The role was then offered to Kristen Wiig, Patty Jenkins's first choice.
  • Hans Zimmer had previously announced that he would retire from composing for superhero films after Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016), which featured Wonder Woman's cinematic debut and teamed her up with Batman and Superman, whose films he had already composed scores for. However, he accepted to compose the score for X-Men: Dark Phoenix (2019), and returned to compose for this film.
  • Costume designer [?] Lindy Hemming based Diana's wardrobe on 1980s model/actress Brooke Shields since both are tall and have the same physique.
  • Patty Jenkins and Pedro Pascal based Maxwell Lord's portrayal on stockbroker Gordon Gekko in Wall Street (1987) and Lex Luthor in Superman (1978). Pascal also based his performance on Nicolas Cage.
  • Patty Jenkins picked the 80s as the film's setting because she saw it as "the height of Western civilization and society, and so it offers the opportunity to explore how Wonder Woman would deal with the types of villains that come from that era."
  • Gal Gadot jokingly suggested Halle Berry to play Diana's love interest for this film.
  • The symbol of Nuclear Man from Superman IV: The Quest for Peace (1987) can be seen on the floor of the mall.
  • The character of Maxwell Lord was based on actor Sam Neill when introduced in DC Comics in 1987.
  • Sarah Paulson wanted to portray Cheetah.
  • According to Patty Jenkins, the controversial 'body-swap' was intended to be a reference towards some of the '70s and '80s classics, such as Freaky Friday (1976) and Big (1988).
  • In the scene at the Smithsonian's Air & Space Center, Chris Pine has an interaction with someone dressed as an astronaut. In 1984, the original filming model of the USS Enterprise from [Star Trek: The Original Series (1966)] hung from the ceiling just off frame to the right of that scene. Chris Pine played Captain Kirk in three Star Trek films.
  • [?] Stuart Milligan who plays the President also played President Nixon in the [Doctor Who] episode {'Day of the Moon'}.