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Star Trek - Season 2 [1967] (7 discs)

Composer:Alexander Courage
Length:1222 minutes
(20 hours 22 minutes)
MPAA Rating:UR
Sorting Category:Star Trek TV
Sorting Tub:Lima
IMDB Rating:8.1/10
Amazon Rating:4.5/5 stars
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  • Drama
  • Sci-Fi
  • Family
  • Action
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HD DVDBlu-ray
3D Blu-rayDigital
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Synopsis: The continuing voyages of the Enterprise.

Reaction: Chekov joins the bridge crew.

Personal Rating: 8/10

"Mirror, Mirror" and "The Trouble With Tribbles"

Select Guest Cast
Angelique Pettyjohn => Shahna (The Gamesters of Triskelion)
Joseph Ruskin => Galt (The Gamesters of Triskelion)
Anthony Caruso => Bella Oxmyx (A Piece of the Action)
Sheldon Collins => Tough Kid (A Piece of the Action)
Vic Tayback => Jojo Krako (as Victor Tayback) (A Piece of the Action)
Antoinette Bower => Sylvia (Catspaw)
Theodore Marcuse => Korob (as Theo Marcuse) (Catspaw)
Arlene Martel => T'Pring (Amok Time)
Byron Morrow => Admiral Komack (Amok Time)
Celia Lovsky => T'Pau (Amok Time)
Lawrence Montaigne => Stonn (Amok Time)
Barbara Bouchet => Kelinda (By Any Other Name)
Julie Cobb => Yeoman Leslie Thompson (By Any Other Name)
Stewart Moss => Hanar (By Any Other Name)
BarBara Luna => Lt. Marlena Moreau (Mirror, Mirror)
Vic Perrin => Tharn (Mirror, Mirror)
Ben Gage => Akaar (Friday's Child)
Julie Newmar => Eleen (Friday's Child)
Beverly Washburn => Lt. Arlene Galway (The Deadly Years)
Sarah Marshall => Janet Wallace (The Deadly Years)
Celeste Yarnall => Yeoman Martha Landon (The Apple)
Charles Macaulay => Jaris (as Charles Macauley) (Wolf in the Fold)
John Fiedler => Hengist (Wolf in the Fold)
Tanya Lemani => Kara (Wolf in the Fold)
Charlie Brill => Arne Darvin (The Trouble With Tribbles)
Michael Pataki => Korax (The Trouble With Tribbles)
Stanley Adams => Cyrano Jones (The Trouble With Tribbles)
William Campbell => Koloth (The Trouble With Tribbles)
William Schallert => Nilz Baris (The Trouble With Tribbles)
Diana Muldaur => Ann Mulhall (Return to Tomorrow)
Elinor Donahue => Nancy Hedford (Metamorphosis)
Glenn Corbett => Zefram Cochrane (Metamorphosis)
Ian Wolfe => Septimus (Bread and Circuses)
Logan Ramsey => Claudius Marcus (Bread and Circuses)
Jane Wyatt => Amanda Grayson (as Miss Jane Wyatt) (Journey to Babel)
Mark Lenard => Sarek (Journey to Babel)
Reggie Nalder => Shras (Journey to Babel)
Leslie Parrish => Carolyn (Who Mourns for Adonias?)
Michael Forest => Apollo (Who Mourns for Adonias?)
Makee K. Blaisdell => Singh (The Changeling)
Vic Perrin => Nomad's Voice (The Changeling)
Michael Zaslow => Jordan (I, Mudd)
Richard Tatro => Norman (I, Mudd)
Roger C. Carmel => Harry Mudd (I, Mudd)
Nancy Kovack => Nona (A Private Little War)
Ned Romero => Krell (A Private Little War)
Robert Lansing => Mister Seven (Assignment: Earth)
Teri Garr => Roberta Lincoln (as Terri Garr) (Assignment: Earth)
Victoria Vetri => Isis - Human Form (Assignment: Earth)
William Marshall => Dr. Richard Daystrom (The Ultimate Computer)
William Windom => Commodore Decker (The Doomsday Machine)
Gene Nelson => Director
James Komack => Director
John Meredyth Lucas => Director / Writer
Joseph Pevney => Director
Marc Daniels => Director
Ralph Senensky => Director
Vincent McEveety => Director
Art Wallace => Writer
D.C. Fontana => Writer
David Gerrold => Writer
David P. Harmon => Writer
Gene L. Coon => Writer
Gene Roddenberry => Writer / Creator, Original Series
Gilbert Ralston => Writer
Jerome Bixby => Writer
John Kingsbridge => Writer
Margaret Armen => Writer
Max Ehrlich => Writer
Norman Spinrad => Writer
Robert Bloch => Writer
Robert Sabaroff => Writer
Stephen Kandel => Writer
Theodore Sturgeon => Writer
Alexander Courage => Composer
DeForest Kelley => Dr. McCoy
Eddie Paskey => Lt. Leslie
George Takei => Sulu
James Doohan => Scott
John Winston => Lt. Kyle
Leonard Nimoy => Mr. Spock
Majel Barrett => Nurse Christine Chapel
Nichelle Nichols => Uhura
Walter Koenig => Chekov
William Shatner => Captain James T. Kirk

Random Trivia For This Title:

  • The episode {Assignment: Earth} was written to introduce a hoped-for spin-off series that never materialized. It would have featured Robert Lansing as Gary Seven, Victoria Vetri as Isis, and Teri Garr as Roberta Lincoln. In the new series, the intrepid three would have worked to make sure humanity achieved the destiny glimpsed via the Trek characters and Seven's mysterious extraterrestrial information. While the series never made it to television, it has become a comic book series.
  • {A Piece Of The Action} is the only episode in which the Enterprise phasers are used to stun.
  • In only one episode ({Mirror, Mirror}) does Scotty address Kirk as "Jim".
  • After viewing the popularity of characters such as Robin on the [Batman] series and shows like [The Monkees], the producers decided to introduce Ensign Pavel Chekov in the second season in order to attract more teenage viewers, especially girls, to the show. Walter Koenig was selected due to his resemblance to [?] Davy Jones.
  • In {Catspaw}, the alien voices of the revealed forms of Sylvia and Korob are actually the sounds made by newly-hatched alligators calling for their mother.
  • The slanting crawlway that leads up to the warp-drive nacelles is referred to as a "Jefferies tube." This is a reference to art director [?] Walter M. Jefferies.
  • The series' opening credits has lyrics that were never used (although they were published in the book The Making of Star Trek, by [?] Stephen A. Whitfield). They were written by Gene Roddenberry so that he would receive a residual for the theme's use alongside the theme's composer, Alexander Courage.
  • Ranked #1 in [TV Guide]'s list of the "25 Top Cult Shows Ever!" (30 May 2004 issue).
  • [{Shore Leave}] is the only episode in which the U.S.S. Enterprise is seen orbiting a planet from right to left. The I.S.S. Enterprise also does this briefly in the parallel universe, in the teaser to {Mirror, Mirror}, but by the beginning of Act I, it is again orbiting from left to right.
  • In the episode {Assignment: Earth}, Spock mentions all the events that would happen the week of 1968 that they arrived in. Among the events he mentioned was an important political assassination. A few days after that episode aired, [?] Martin Luther King Jr. was shot and killed in Memphis, Tennessee.