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Star Trek: Discovery - Season 3 [2020] (4 discs)

Composer:Jeff Russo
Length:661 minutes
(11 hours 1 minute)
Sorting Category:Star Trek TV
IMDB Rating:7.4/10
Rotten Tomatoes Rating:84%
Amazon Rating:3.0/5 stars
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  • Sci-Fi
  • Action
  • Drama
  • CG
  • Mystery
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Synopsis: The crew arrives in the far future and learn that the entire quadrant is much worse off than they could have imagined. The Federation isn't what it used to be, and Earth is not particularly inviting of them.

Reaction: This is a good season but It's still not quite back to the kind of Star Trek I've been craving.

Personal Rating: 8/10

Select Guest Cast
Adil Hussain => Aditya Sahil (That Hope Is You, Part 1)
Nicole Dickinson => Hadley (That Hope Is You, Part 1)
Riley Gilchrist => Andorian Regulator (That Hope Is You, Part 1)
Alain Chanoine => Regulator Escort #1 (That Hope Is You, Part 2)
Andreas Apergis => Guardian Xi (Forget Me Not)
Annabelle Wallis => Zora (voice) (Forget Me Not)
Karen Robinson => Leader Pav (Forget Me Not)
Bill Irwin => Su'Kal (Su'Kal)
Robert Verlaque => Kelpien Elder Holo (Su'Kal)
Christopher Heyerdahl => Wen (People of Earth)
Kenneth Welsh => Admiral Senna Tal (voice) (People of Earth)
Phumzile Sitole => Capt. Ndoye (People of Earth)
Daniel Kash => Duggan (Terra Firma, Part 2)
David Cronenberg => Kovich (Die Trying)
Nicole Dickinson => Kili Matriarch (Die Trying)
Hannah Cheesman => Lt. Cmdr. Airiam (Terra Firma, Part 1)
Hannah Spear => Dr. Issa (Terra Firma, Part 1)
Paul Guilfoyle => Carl (Terra Firma, Part 1)
Rekha Sharma => Commander Landry (Terra Firma, Part 1)
Jake Weber => Zareh (Far From Home)
Rachael Ancheril => Cmdr. Nhan (Far From Home)
Kenneth Mitchell => Aurellio (There Is a Tide...)
Lisa Berry => Kanak (There Is a Tide...)
Nicole Dickinson => Strong Regulator (There Is a Tide...)
Nicole Dickinson => Vulcan Spectator (Unification III)
Sonja Sohn => Dr. Gabrielle Burnham (Unification III)
Tara Rosling => President T'Rina (Unification III)
Noah Averbach-Katz => Ryn (Scavengers)
Chloe Domont => Director
Douglas Aarniokoski => Director
Hanelle M. Culpepper => Director
Jon Dudkowski => Director
Jonathan Frakes => Director
Maja Vrvilo => Director
Norma Bailey => Director
Olatunde Osunsanmi => Director
Omar Madha => Director
Alan B. McElroy => Writer
Alex Kurtzman => Writer
Anne Cofell Saunders => Writer
Anthony Maranville => Writer
Bo Yeon Kim => Writer
Brandon Schultz => Writer
Chris Silvestri => Writer
Erika Lippoldt => Writer
Jenny Lumet => Writer
Kalinda Vazquez => Writer
Kenneth Lin => Writer
Kirsten Beyer => Writer
Michelle Paradise => Writer
Sean Cochran => Writer
Jeff Russo => Composer
Anthony Rapp => Lt. Cmdr. Paul Stamets (credit only)
Avaah Blackwell => Osnullus Trader (uncredited)
Blu del Barrio => Adira
David Ajala => Cleveland Booker
David Benjamin Tomlinson => Cosmo Traitt
Doug Jones => Cmdr. Saru (credit only)
Emily Coutts => Lt. Keyla Detmer
Fabio Tassone => Book's Ship Computer (voice)
Ian Alexander => Gray Tal
Janet Kidder => Osyraa
Julianne Grossman => Sanctuary (voice)
Mary Wiseman => Ensign Sylvia Tilly (credit only)
Michelle Yeoh => Emperor Philippa Georgiou
Oded Fehr => Admiral Charles Vance
Oyin Oladejo => Lt. Joann Owosekun
Patrick Kwok-Choon => Lt. Gen Rhys
Raven Dauda => Dr. Tracy Pollard
Ronnie Rowe => Lt. R.A. Bryce (as Ronnie Rowe Jr.)
Sara Mitich => Lt. Nilsson
Sonequa Martin-Green => Michael Burnham
Tig Notaro => Cmdr. Jett Reno
Vanessa Jackson => Lt. Audrey Willa
Wilson Cruz => Dr. Hugh Culber

Random Trivia For This Title:

  • That Hope Is You, Part 2: The console Su'Kal touches has Morse code etched on the side. The code includes the word 'RODDENBERRY.'
  • That Hope Is You, Part 2: In this episode, the lead character, Michael Burnham, receives a promotion to captain and is given command of USS Discovery. It is the second time in the history of the Star Trek franchise that the lead character is advanced to this rank at the end of the series' third season, after Benjamin Sisko became captain in ["The Adversary"].
  • There Is a Tide...: One of the rare times that Burnham uses the Vulcan nerve pinch (made famous by her adoptive-brother Spock) to subdue fellow crew member, Paul Stamets. She did the same to her Captain, Philipa Georgiou, in [Star Trek: Discovery: The Vulcan Hello (2017)], with disastrous results.
  • There Is a Tide...: Michael's journey through the ship mirrors that of Die Hard (1988). For instance, she must make her way to Engineering barefoot, much like John McClane. Also, she goads Zareh using a communicator, whereas McClane does likewise to Hans Gruber by walkie talkie. Finally, in Die Hard (1988) a henchman is thrown from the building, whereas here a Regulator is jettisoned from the ship into space.
  • Su'Kal: Doug Jones (Saru) is seen without his Kelpien make up on.
  • There Is a Tide...: This is the 800th Star Trek episode ever aired, counting 13 movies, 2 animated series and 7 live action ones.
  • Kenneth Mitchell, who played Aurellio, was diagnosed with ALS in February 2020. He's been wheelchair bound since October 2019. Mitchell has previously played the Klingon, Kol in [season one] and in [season two] played two other Klingon characters, Kol's father, Kol-Sha and Tenavik.
  • In its original appearance in ["The City on the Edge of Forever,"] the Guardian of Forever is not a humanoid alien but rather a sentient portal in the wall of a ruined building. Harlan Ellison's original script for "The City on the Edge of Forever" depicted the Guardians as humanoid beings; this Discovery episode pays homage to that original concept.
  • Terra Firma, Part 2: The registry number on the agonizer control panel is BRG-A1, likely a nod to longtime Star Trek universe creative force Brannon Braga.
  • Terra Firma, Part 2: Only the third televised appearance of the Guardian of Forever, following [Star Trek: The Original Series: The City on the Edge of Forever (1967)] and [Star Trek: The Animated Series: Yesteryear (1973)].
  • Terra Firma, Part 1: Carl's newspaper has the name ["Star Dispatch"] on the masthead. That's the same name of the paper in the Star Trek episode ["City On The Edge of Forever" (1967)].
  • Terra Firma, Part 1: This episode provides the first onscreen confirmation that anyone in the "Prime" universe is aware of the existence (and divergence point) of the "Kelvin" universe.
  • Osyraa's ship is called the Veridian. Veridian III is where the saucer section of the Enterprise D crashed and where Captain Kirk died in Star Trek: Generations. Viridian is also a bluish-green color making it an apt ship name for the Emerald Chain, a syndicate of the blue-skinned Andorians, and the green-skinned Orions.
  • Terra Firma, Part 1: Kovich mentions an alternate reality created by a temporal incursion by a Romulan mining ship, a reference to the events of Star Trek (2009). This is also the first Star Trek episode to mention or include any characters from the alternate reality.
  • Unification III: This episode offers the first onscreen confirmation that "Discovery" takes place in the "Prime" universe and not the "Kelvin" universe, because the planet Vulcan was destroyed in the Kelvin universe but survives in this universe (albeit with a name change).
  • Unification III: The Romulan doctrine of absolute candor was introduced to the Trek universe by [Picard: Absolute Candor] less than a year earlier.
  • Unification III: This episode takes its title from the two episodes of [Star Trek: the Next Generation (1987)], when Spock and Picard began facilitating the unification of Vulcans and Romulans ([Star Trek: the Next Generation: Unification I (1991)] and [Star Trek: the Next Generation: Unification II (1991)]).
  • Unification III: There are a couple of mentions of a starship called USS Yelchin. This is a memorial reference to actor Anton Yelchin who played Chekov in the [Star Trek Kelvin movies]. Yelchin died tragically in a vehicle related accident in 2016.
  • Scavengers: While salvaging, Giorgio states she wants "self sealing stem bolts" which was something invented by writers of [Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (1993)] to give Nog something to trade with. They've since been referenced on other shows but never explained or shown in use.
  • The actors that play Sylvia Tilly and Ryn (Book's friend and saviour), Mary Wiseman and Noah Averbach-Katz are married in real life.
  • Die Trying: The interstellar map when Saru and Burnham first enter quotes the Kazon so presumably they're still around and Starfleet had contact post Voyager.
  • Scavengers: To signify the extensive refit the registration of Discovery was changed to NCC 1031-A
  • Die Trying: David Cronenberg appeared on this episode because, for the first time in series history, this series was filmed near Toronto, where he lives. There have been many Canadians involved in Star Trek, including William Shatner, James Doohan, Christopher Plummer, Nicole de Boer, John Colicos, Matt Frewer, and many more.
  • Die Trying: When Discovery reaches Starfleet headquarters, one of the bridge officers says some of the ships are composed of neutronium alloy, based on a rare, dense mineral only found in the cores of neutron stars, which producing artificially was only theoretical in the 2200s. This is a reference to [Star Trek: Voyager: Think Tank (1999)], when the USS Voyager encounters a group whose ship's hull is composed of neutronium alloy, which is stated to be beyond the abilities of the Federation and the Borg.
  • Second straight series in which Karen Robinson plays a government official, following her six years as a Town Council member on [Schitt's Creek].
  • Die Trying: As Discovery enters the docking area, they come across two starships: one is the USS Voyager, NCC-74656-J, the eleventh starship to bear the name. The other starship is the USS Nog, NCC-352070. The Nog is named after the character of Nog from [Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (1993)] who was the first Ferengi in Starfleet. The actor who played Nog (Aron Eisenberg) passed away September 21, 2019 from heart failure. The appearance of the USS Nog is a tribute to the late actor.
  • Forget Me Not: This is the first Star Trek episode to directly address if the Trill are members of the Federation, confirming that they are not as of 3189, though it is unclear if they were members from the 2200s to the 2300s, when the bulk of Star Trek is set.
  • The character Adira is a human host of a Trill symbiont, the director Jonathan Frakes played the first human host of A Trill symbiont in ["The Host" (1991)] when his character Riker chose to host Odan at great risk to his health.
  • Far From Home: Kal says he and his companions are from Coridan. Coridan's admission to the Federation is the subject of the conference that Captain Kirk is transporting diplomats to (one of whom is Spock's father, Ambassador Sarek) in the [Star Trek Original Series] episode ["Journey to Babel"] (Season 2, Episode 10).
  • People of Earth: According to this episode's director Jonathan Frakes in an appearance on the web series [The Ready Room (2019)], Phumzile Sitole was unhappy with her career just before filming began. Her plan was for this episode to be her last acting job. However, she had such a good time on the show that it reinvigorated her passion for acting and she decided to stay in the industry.
  • The basic idea of coming from the past and finding their benevolent civilisation broken down is similar to the TV series [Andromeda], which was based on unused material by Gene Roddenberry. Began in 2002 and ended 2005.
  • That Hope Is You, Part 1: First Star Trek episode ever without a white human character.
  • That Hope Is You, Part 1: The episode was originally announced under the title {"That Hope Is You: Part 1"}. The addition "part 1" was removed shortly before the second episode {"Far from Home"} was broadcast, as this episode had an independent title without the addition of "part 2". When the title for the third season finale was announced ({"That Hope Is You: Part 2"}) the addition "part 1" was again added to the episode.
  • That Hope Is You, Part 1: Adil Hussain mentions the Temporal War that happened before the fall. This is the Temporal War that interfered with Johnathan Archer and the crew of the NX-01 Enterprise in the first three seasons of ["Star Trek: Enterprise."]
  • That Hope Is You, Part 1: This episode, set in 3188, is the farthest in the future of any Star Trek episode where the approximate year is known, surpassing [Star Trek: Voyager: Living Witness (1998)] which was set around 3074.
  • That Hope Is You, Part 2: This is the first episode to confirm that the Trill were once members of the Federation, when Burnham mentions they have rejoined at the end of the episode.
  • That Hope Is You, Part 2: At the end of the episode before credits is the following quote: "In a very real sense, we are all aliens on a strange planet. We spend most of our lives reaching out and trying to communicate. If during our whole lifetime, we could reach out and really communicate with just two people. We are all indeed very fortunate." Gene Roddenberry