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Star Trek: First Contact [1996] (2 discs)

Director:Jonathan Frakes
Writer:Brannon Braga
Ronald D. Moore
Composer:Jerry Goldsmith
Length:111 minutes
(1 hour 51 minutes)
MPAA Rating:PG-13
Suggested Event Use:Friday 13
Sorting Category:Star Trek
Sorting Tub:Mike
IMDB Rating:7.5/10
Rotten Tomatoes Rating:91%
Amazon Rating:4.5/5 stars
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  • Action
  • Drama
  • Sci-Fi
  • Suspense / Horror
  • Family
  • Mystery
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HD DVDBlu-ray
3D Blu-rayDigital
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Synopsis: The Borg make a dramatic and disastrous run for Earth.

Reaction: This is the first Trek film with a PG-13 rating. It is tense and thrilling and a wonderful ride.

Personal Rating: 10/10

"Okay. That wasn't so good."

Jonathan Frakes => Director / Holodeck Musician / Commander William Riker
Brannon Braga => Writer / Extra Man sitting on table in Holodeck Nightclub Scene (uncredited)
Ronald D. Moore => Writer / Extra in Holodeck Nightclub Scene (uncredited)
Jerry Goldsmith => Composer
Gene Roddenberry => Creator, Original Series
Rick Berman => Producer
Adam Scott => Defiant Conn Officer
Alfre Woodard => Lily Sloane
Alice Krige => Borg Queen
Brent Spiner => Lt. Commander Data
Cully Fredricksen => Vulcan Captain
Don Stark => Nicky the Nose
Dwight Schultz => Lieutenant Reginald Endicott Barclay III
Ethan Phillips => Holodeck Nightclub Maitre d' (uncredited)
Gates McFadden => Doctor Beverly Crusher
Jack Shearer => Admiral Hayes
James Cromwell => Dr. Zefram Cochrane
LeVar Burton => Lt. Commander Geordi La Forge (as Levar Burton)
Majel Barrett => Enterprise Computer (voice)
Marina Sirtis => Counselor Deanna Troi
Michael Dorn => Lt. Commander Worf
Michael Horton => Lieutenant Daniels
Michael Zaslow => Eddie, the Town Barkeeper (uncredited)
Neal McDonough => Lieutenant Hawk
Patrick Stewart => Captain Jean-Luc Picard
Patti Yasutake => Nurse Alyssa Ogawa
Robert Picardo => Emergency Medical Hologram

Random Trivia For This Title:

  • This is the first [Star Trek] film in which none of the original [Star Trek] cast members appear, although Majel Barrett, who provides the Enterprise computer voice, was a regular as Nurse Chapel on the original series.
  • Although the role of Zefram Cochrane was actually written for James Cromwell, Tom Hanks was originally considered for the role, but the filming of this movie coincided with the filming of That Thing You Do! which prevented him from taking the part.
  • At the end of filming, actor/director Jonathan Frakes got the nickname: "Two takes Frakes" because of the efficiency of his style.
  • For inspiration prior to filming, director Jonathan Frakes says he viewed the films Alien, Aliens, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Blade Runner, and Jaws.
  • The Special Collector Edition DVD's trivia track mentions that someone with a sense of humor at ILM slipped the Millennium Falcon from Star Wars into the battle with the Borg cube.
  • When Dr. Crusher says "In the 21st century, the Borg are still in the Delta Quadrant", it was intended as a teaser for upcoming episodes of [Star Trek: Voyager], in which The Borg were featured prominently.
  • The "first contact" in this movie takes place at a "missile silo in Montana". Montana's missile base is Malmstrom AFB in Great Falls, Montana, site of many of the more famous "UFO" sightings over the past few decades.
  • ILM animators created several new classes of Federation ships for the huge CGI animation sequence against the Borg. Classes include the Akira, Sabre, Steamrunner and others.
  • The U.S.S. Defiant introduced in [Star Trek: Deep Space Nine] was built for the sole purpose to fight and defeat the Borg. This movie features the only time the ship fights the Borg.
  • Actor Michael Zaslow, the first actor to have been killed off in the [Star Trek] universe, has an uncredited appearance as Eddie, the bartender