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Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan [1982] (2 discs)

Director:Nicholas Meyer
Writer:Jack B. Sowards
Nicholas Meyer
Composer:James Horner
Length:116 minutes
(1 hour 56 minutes)
MPAA Rating:PG
Suggested Event Use:Birthday
Sorting Category:Star Trek
Sorting Tub:Mike
IMDB Rating:7.7/10
Rotten Tomatoes Rating:91%
Amazon Rating:4.5/5 stars
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  • Action
  • Drama
  • Sci-Fi
  • Family
Available Formats:
HD DVDBlu-ray
3D Blu-rayDigital
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Synopsis: A survey team discovers and accidentally frees Khan Noonian Singh.

Reaction: Classic and one of the best Trek Films.

Personal Rating: 10/10


Nicholas Meyer => Director / Writer
Jack B. Sowards => Writer
James Horner => Composer / Enterprise crewman (uncredited)
Gene Roddenberry => Creator, Original Series
Harve Bennett => Producer
Bibi Besch => Dr. Carol Marcus
DeForest Kelley => Dr. McCoy
George Takei => Mr. Sulu
Ike Eisenmann => Midshipman Peter Preston
James Doohan => Scotty
Jeff McBride => Khan's Crewman
John Winston => Cmdr. Kyle
Judson Scott => Joachim Weiss (uncredited)
Kirstie Alley => Lt. Saavik
Leonard Nimoy => Captain Spock
Marcy Vosburgh => Computer (voice)
Merritt Butrick => Dr. David Marcus
Nichelle Nichols => Cmdr. Uhura
Nicholas Guest => Cadet
Paul Kent => Lt. Cmdr. Beach
Paul Winfield => Capt. Clark Terrell
Ricardo Montalban => Khan
Walter Koenig => Mr. Chekov
William Shatner => Admiral James T. Kirk

Random Trivia For This Title:

  • It has been widely debated that Ricardo Montalban's chest was actually a prosthetic piece that he wore during the film. In the director's commentary in the special edition DVD, Nicholas Meyer is quoted as saying that it was, in fact, Montalban's actual chest and that he was a very muscular man who worked out.
  • The shot of the three Klingon ships in the Simulator room is from the opening sequence of Star Trek: The Motion Picture.
  • This is the only "original series" movie in which any ship actually fires phasers. In every other one in the series, only photon torpedos are used. It is also the only time in the history of the original series, both television and movies, that the Enterprise fires phasers other than the ones in the front.
  • In a scene deleted from the original release, Scotty expains that the young Engineering ensign who dies during Khan's first attack was his nephew.
  • Kirk and Khan never meet face to face during the movie. All of their interaction is through viewscreens or communicators.
  • 65% of the film was shot on the same set.
  • The original title was to be The Vengeance of Khan, but this was changed because the second sequel to Star Wars (then titled Revenge of the Jedi) was to be released near the same time. In the end both movie tiles were changed.
  • When Spock and Savik speak to each other in Vulcan, the actors actually spoke in English, and then sound people created the Vulcan words to match the movements of the actors' mouths.
  • Ricardo Montalban watched his original [1967] performance to recall the character of Khan.
  • Although Chekhov was not yet part of the crew in the 1967 [Star Trek] episode ({Space Seed}) where the Enterprise first encounters Khan, Khan recognizes Chekhov in this film when they first meet on Ceti Alpha V.