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Thor: Ragnarok [2017] (2 discs)

Director:Taika Waititi
Writer:Christopher L. Yost
Craig Kyle
Eric Pearson
Composer:Mark Mothersbaugh
Length:130 minutes
(2 hours 10 minutes)
MPAA Rating:PG-13
Sorting Category:Graphic Novel
Sorting Tub:Bravo
IMDB Rating:7.9/10
Rotten Tomatoes Rating:92%
Amazon Rating:4.5/5 stars
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  • Action
  • Sci-Fi
  • Comedy
  • Fantasy
  • CG
  • Family
Available Formats:
HD DVDBlu-ray
3D Blu-rayDigital
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Synopsis: Thor is imprisoned on the planet Sakaar, and must race against time to return to Asgard and stop Ragnarök, the destruction of his world, which is at the hands of the powerful and ruthless villain Hela.

Reaction: Fun and funny. Maybe a few more jokes than necessary for this story, but if you're looking for an enjoyable time, this one fits the bill.

Personal Rating: 8/10

Taika Waititi => Director / Korg  (voice)
Christopher L. Yost => Writer
Craig Kyle => Writer
Eric Pearson => Writer
Mark Mothersbaugh => Composer
Anthony Hopkins => Odin
Benedict Cumberbatch => Doctor Strange
Cate Blanchett => Hela
Charlotte Nicdao => Actor Sif
Chris Hemsworth => Thor
Clancy Brown => Surtur  (voice)
Idris Elba => Heimdall
Jeff Goldblum => Grandmaster
Karl Urban => Skurge
Ken Watanabe => Asgardian Noble (uncredited)
Luke Hemsworth => Actor Thor
Mark Ruffalo => Bruce Banner / Hulk
Matt Damon => Actor Loki  (uncredited)
Rachel House => Topaz
Ray Stevenson => Volstagg
Sam Neill => Actor Odin
Stan Lee => Barber  (uncredited)
Tadanobu Asano => Hogun
Tessa Thompson => Valkyrie
Tom Hiddleston => Loki
Zachary Levi => Fandral

Random Trivia For This Title:

  • Thor's "friend from work" line about the Hulk was suggested to Chris Hemsworth by a Make-A-Wish child who paid a visit to the set on the day the scene was filmed.
  • Taika Waititi based Korg's character on Polynesian bouncers: "We wanted to change the idea of what a hulking guy made of rocks could be. He's huge and heavy, but with a light soul, and he's funny and friendly."
  • Sir Anthony Hopkins had decided against returning as Odin, but upon reading the story, he changed his mind.
  • This marks the first time in the Marvel Cinematic Universe that The Hulk is not voiced by Lou Ferrigno, but by Mark Ruffalo. Ferrigno voiced Hulk in The Incredible Hulk, The Avengers and Avengers: Age of Ultron.
  • Before the sets created for Marvel's Doctor Strange were demolished, Waititi took advantage of them by writing and filming a scene for Ragnarok featuring Thor meeting Benedict Cumberbatch's Stephen Strange. Marvel and Doctor Strange director Scott Derrickson felt the scene was "kind of perfect" to show Strange joining the wider MCU after his stand-alone introduction in that film, so the scene appears during the credits of Doctor Strange.
  • Thor and Loki meeting Odin and later Hela was originally to be set in New York, but Taika Waititi felt the setting wasn't right for a dying Odin and re-shot the sequence in a field in Norway, which he felt was a better setting for the Norse gods to meet. The original footage (shot in Brisbane, Australia) can be seen in the July 22nd 'Offical Trailer' in the 2nd shot of the trailer.
  • Cate Blanchett accepted a role in this movie to please her children, who are Marvel comics fans. Blanchett's eldest son Dashiell John Upton suggested she take the role of Hela, saying it'd be a career boost.
  • Chris Hemsworth plays Thor in the film, while his older brother Luke Hemsworth plays Thor in a play within the film. Their younger sibling Liam Hemsworth was considered for the role of Thor.
  • Sif was originally supposed to appear in the film, but actress Jaimie Alexander's shooting schedule for the third season of her TV series [Blindspot] clashed with this film's schedule. It was decided to have the character written out with producer [?] Kevin Feige saying that Sif was on a mission during the same time as Ragnarok.
  • To prepare for her role as Hela, Cate Blanchett studied the Afro-Brazilian martial art Capoeira.
  • Director Taika Waititi said that he wanted to showcase Chris Hemsworth's comedic talent in this film: "He's so good and underutilized in that department. He's legitimately one of the funniest things in this film."
  • Tom Hiddleston and Idris Elba's highest billing to date in any Marvel movie. Ironically, both have less screentime in this film than the previous Thor films.
  • Jeff Goldblum was previously considered for the role of Dr. Bruce Banner/Hulk in Hulk. This is hinted at during Grandmaster's arena intro of the Hulk, when he announced feeling a connection to him.
  • In the comics and Norse myth, Valkyrie was a fair-skinned, blonde, Viking warrior-woman. In this film, she is played by Afro-Panamanian actress Tessa Thompson. According to Taika Waititi, this was a not deliberate decision to diversify the film, but to choose the best person: "You're working with comic-book Vikings, so you have to look at the source material as a very loose inspiration. A character's skin tone and hair color doesn't matter. I think the story is king, and you want the best person for the job, and Tessa was the best person." In Valkyrie's flashback a blonde woman is seen pushing her out of the way of a fatal attack, losing her own life. This was Valkyrie's original look in the comics.
  • Valkyrie's flashback used a 900 fps high-speed frame rate, and a special 360° lighting rig of 200 strobe lights to make the scene look as disorienting as possible.
  • Charlize Theron was considered for the role of Hela.
  • Having directed the first film, Kenneth Branagh turned down the chance to return as this film's director in order to work on Murder on the Orient Express instead.
  • Four of the male cast have appeared in at least one [Star Trek] movie: Karl Urban (Skurge) played Dr. McCoy in Star Trek, Star Trek: Into Darkness, and Star Trek: Beyond. Chris Hemsworth (Thor) was Lieutenant George Kirk in Star Trek. Benedict Cumberbatch (Dr. Strange) played Khan in Star Trek: Into Darkness. Idris Elba (Heimdall) played Krall in Star Trek: Beyond. In addition, Clancy Brown guest starred as Zobral in an episode of [Star Trek: Enterprise], season one.
  • Ruben Fleischer, Rob Letterman, and Rawson Marshall Thurber were considered to direct the film. Fleischer and Thurber were also candidates to direct Ant-Man (2015).
  • This marks the third time that Sam Neill and Samuel L. Jackson have appeared in the same cinematic universe without having a scene together. Neill appeared in The Hunt for Red October, while Jackson appeared in the sequel, Patriot Games. The two also appeared in Jurassic Park, along with Jeff Goldblum.
  • In the Norse mythology and the Marvel comics, Loki is the father of Hela and Fenrir the Wolf.
  • Tom Hiddleston describes Loki as dealing with permanence: "It's in Loki's nature to change. He's a mercurial spirit, and the minute you try to define him he changes shape. But events in Ragnarok try and inspire him to change forever. The Goddess of Death shows up, and the stakes are high for everybody, so Loki, perhaps more than ever, is challenged to define himself in the face of that threat. He and Thor are in such an extraordinary situation where everything is so unfamiliar that their familiarity, as family members, becomes important."
  • Taika Waititi said in an interview with MTV News: "I would say we improvised probably 80 percent of the film, or ad-libbed and threw in stuff..."