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Rampage [2018] (1 disc)

Director:Brad Peyton
Writer:Adam Sztykiel
Carlton Cuse
Ryan Engle
Ryan J. Condal
Composer:Andrew Lockington
Length:107 minutes
(1 hour 47 minutes)
MPAA Rating:PG-13
Sorting Category:Action
IMDB Rating:6.1/10
Rotten Tomatoes Rating:51%
Amazon Rating:4.5/5 stars
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  • Action
  • Sci-Fi
  • CG
  • Comedy
Available Formats:
HD DVDBlu-ray
3D Blu-rayDigital
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Synopsis: When three different animals become infected with a dangerous pathogen, a primatologist and a geneticist team up to stop them from destroying Chicago.

Reaction: Lots of action, and really don't think about it alot. The characters aren't the most developed, but it can be a fun time.

Personal Rating: 6/10

Brad Peyton => Director
Adam Sztykiel => Writer
Carlton Cuse => Writer
Ryan Engle => Writer
Ryan J. Condal => Writer
Andrew Lockington => Composer
Andrew Morgado => Pilot (uncredited)
Danny Le Boyer => Second MP
Dwayne Johnson => Davis Okoye
Gary Weeks => Police Captain
Jack Quaid => Connor
Jake Lacy => Brett Wyden
Jeffrey Dean Morgan => Harvey Russell
Joe Manganiello => Burke
Mac Wells => Communications Officer
Malin Akerman => Claire Wyden
Marley Shelton => Dr. Kerry Atkins
Matt Gerald => Zammit
Naomie Harris => Dr. Kate Caldwell
P.J. Byrne => Nelson
Stephen Dunlevy => First MP
Will Yun Lee => Agent Park

Random Trivia For This Title:

  • In an alternate scene, Alexandra Daddario plays a small role of a female scuba diving partner where another giant squid-like monster is featured. The entire sequence was deleted and never made it to the original theatrical version. However it was included in the deleted scenes on the Bluray.
  • Davis Okoye (Dwayne Johnson) signs to George to calm the gorilla down, signing "It's me." The sign he makes is for "rock," a reference to Dwayne Johnson's nickname "The Rock."
  • George was originally intended to be a regular gorilla until the filmmakers and creature designers made the decision to make him an albino gorilla due to the fact that it would allow the damage done to him to be more visible and to make him stand out and not just another "King Kong rip off". He has, in fact, never had white fur in any of the video-game incarnations of the character, always being presented with brown fur instead. Interestingly, Ralph the wolf has been presented with white fur in some of his video-game iterations.
  • The mutated rat seen towards the beginning of the film is likely meant to be Larry from the Atari Lynx version of Rampage (1986). The character was a special inclusion who only appeared in this version of the game.
  • George is the only animal to be played by an actor, [?] Jason Liles. Ralph and Lizzie were created entirely through key frame animation.
  • Fans of the original arcade and video game are tipped off to what will happen to Claire when she wears the red dress.
  • Ralph's ability to glide with flying squirrel-like wings might be a reference to how the monsters in the games were capable of gliding by flapping their arms.
  • George eats Claire Wyden, who is wearing a red dress. In the games you could eat women wearing red dresses for points and health.
  • In the beginning of the movie when Dr. Atkins is collecting the samples she only takes 3 of the canisters of which it appears there are 5 left in the cabinet when the rodent creature chases her. Later in the movie Claire Wyden points out that the 3 canisters she took survived re-entry because they were designed to do so. Leaving the possibility that those other 5 canisters could still manage to hit Earth.
  • The monsters in the 'Rampage' video-game series, on which this film is loosely based, were mutated humans (who transformed into giant animals); here, they are mutated animals. The genetic engineering simply causes them to grow in size, have an increased aggression and adopt some genetic features from other species (such as some regenerative abilities).