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Parks and Recreation: Season 5 [2012]

Songs:Mark Rivers
Length:462 minutes
(7 hours 42 minutes)
Sorting Category:TV Show
IMDB Rating:8.6/10
Amazon Rating:5.0/5 stars
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  • Comedy
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Synopsis: Leslie is ecstatic with her newly-elected position. But is the city ready for what she has in store?

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Alan Yang => Chang (Emergency Response)
Matt Walsh => Leonard Tchulm (Emergency Response)
Alison Becker => Shauna Malwae-Tweep (Two Parties)
Andrew Luck => Andrew Luck (Two Parties)
Jim Irsay => Jim Irsay (Two Parties)
Jonathan Joss => Ken Hotate (Two Parties)
Newt Gingrich => Newt Gingrich (Two Parties)
Reggie Wayne => Reggie Wayne (Two Parties)
Roy Hibbert => Roy Hibbert (Two Parties)
Andrew Burlinson => Burly (Swing Vote)
Annabeth Gish => Stephanie Wyatt (Partridge)
Emily Spivey => Doctor Van Dyne (Partridge)
J.K. Simmons => Mayor Stice (Partridge)
Barbara Boxer => Herself (Ms. Knope Goes to Washington)
Ben Zelevansky => Ranger Patrick (Ms. Knope Goes to Washington)
John McCain => Himself (Ms. Knope Goes to Washington)
Olympia Snowe => Herself (Ms. Knope Goes to Washington)
Bonnie Bartlett => Paula Horke (Women in Garbage)
Michael Patrick McGill => Sanitation Steve (Women in Garbage)
Brent Briscoe => JJ (Ann's Decision)
Kirk Fox => Joe (Ann's Decision)
Matt Besser => Crazy Ira (Ann's Decision)
Mel Cowan => Red-Faced Man (Ann's Decision)
Nick Kroll => Howard Tuttleman (Ann's Decision)
Sara Van Horn => Gretel (Ann's Decision)
Tuc Watkins => Pistol Pete (Ann's Decision)
Brian Stack => Ted (Article Two)
Patton Oswalt => Garth Blundin (Article Two)
Christie Brinkley => Gayle Gergich (Ron and Diane)
Jim Meskimen => Martin Housely (Ron and Diane)
Katie Gill => Gladys Gergich (Ron and Diane)
Maliabeth Johnson => Miriam Gergich (Ron and Diane)
Megan Mullally => Tammy Two (Ron and Diane)
Sarah Wright => Millicent Gergich (Ron and Diane)
Cooper Thornton => Dr. Harris (Halloween Surprise)
Kathryn Hahn => Jennifer Barkley (Halloween Surprise)
Dan Castellaneta => Derry Murbles (Pawnee Commons)
Jessica Barth => Katherine (Pawnee Commons)
Darlene Hunt => Marcia Langman (Sex Education)
Todd Sherry => Marshall Langman (Sex Education)
Emily Spivey => Dr. Van Dyne (Jerry's Retirement)
Julie Brister => Gloria Muchakk (Jerry's Retirement)
Mike Nojun Park => Donny Crumtembler (Jerry's Retirement)
Ryan Dorsey => Taylor Mitsch (Jerry's Retirement)
William Mulligan => Bar Patron (Jerry's Retirement)
Eric Isenhower => Orin (Leslie vs. April)
Joe Biden => Joe Biden  (Leslie vs. April)
John Balma => Barney (Leslie vs. April)
Susan Yeagley => Jessica Wicks (Leslie vs. April)
Glenne Headly => Julia Wyatt (Ben's Parents)
Jonathan Banks => Steve Wyatt (Ben's Parents)
Kulap Vilaysack => Ulani (Ben's Parents)
Pamela Reed => Marlene Knope (Ben's Parents)
Helen Slayton-Hughes => Ethel Beavers (Soda Tax)
Kevin Symons => Councilman Bill Dexhart (Soda Tax)
Mary Faber => Kathryn Pinewood (Soda Tax)
Mike Scully => Pearl (Soda Tax)
Pete Ploszek => Ellis (Soda Tax)
Yvans Jourdain => Councilman Howser (Soda Tax)
Jason Mantzoukas => Dennis Feinstein (Animal Control)
Jason Schwartzman => Dennis Lerpiss (Bailout)
Jenny Slate => Mona-Lisa (Bailout)
Mara Marini => Brandi Maxxxx (Bailout)
Rhomeyn Johnson => Chief Fugleberg (Leslie and Ben)
Alan Yang => Director / Writer
Amy Poehler => Director / Leslie Knope
Craig Zisk => Director
Daniel J. Goor => Director / Writer
Dean Holland => Director
Ken Whittingham => Director
Kyle Newacheck => Director
Morgan Sackett => Director
Nick Offerman => Director / Ron Swanson
Nicole Holofcener => Director
Norm Hiscock => Director / Writer
Tristram Shapeero => Director
Wendey Stanzler => Director
Aisha Muharrar => Writer
Alexandra Rushfield => Writer
Dave King => Writer
Greg Levine => Writer
Harris Wittels => Writer
Joe Mande => Writer
Matt Murray => Writer
Megan Amram => Writer
Michael Schur => Writer
Nate DiMeo => Writer
Mark Rivers => Songs
Adam Scott => Ben Wyatt
Aubrey Plaza => April Ludgate
Aziz Ansari => Tom Haverford
Ben Schwartz => Jean-Ralphio
Chris Pratt => Andy Dwyer
Jay Jackson => Perd Hapley
Jim O'Heir => Jerry Gergich
Jon Glaser => Councilman Jamm
Lucy Lawless => Diane Lewis
Marc Evan Jackson => Trevor Nelsson
Mo Collins => Joan Callamezzo
Rashida Jones => Ann Perkins
Retta => Donna Meagle
Rob Lowe => Chris Traeger

Random Trivia For This Title:

  • When Andy puts on his FBI windbreaker as Bert Macklin in {Are You Better Off?}, he puts it on the same way that Martin Sheen puts on his jacket on [The West Wing].
  • The episode {Leslie vs. April} is the first TV series or episode to cast Vice President Joe Biden
  • In {Leslie vs. April}, when Leslie meets Joe Biden, she mentions taking over former Senator Hillary Clinton's job. Amy Poehler portrayed Hillary Clinton several times while being a cast member of [Saturday Night Live].
  • In {Women in Garbage}, when Chris and Shauna discuss their relationship, they are sitting on the edge of the Smallest Park, the spot where Leslie and Ben reconciled.
  • Kulap Vilaysack (Ulani from the episode {Ben's Parents}) originally auditioned for the role of April Ludgate.
  • In {Sex Education}, when Tom is reading from his Twitter feed in the courtroom, you can see on the paper that Jean Ralphio favourited all of Tom's tweets leading up to his crash.
  • The map of Pawnee is a flipped version of the map of Muncie, Indiana. The exterior shots of City Hall is Pasadena City Hall in California. The exterior shot of J.J.'s Diner is actually Landmark Diner on Cheshire Bridge Road in Atlanta, Georgia.
  • After shooting each scene a few times verbatim, the actors then shot a few more when they improvise to make the scene funnier if possible.
  • The episode {Ben's Parents} is the final appearance of Pamela Reed as Leslie's mother.
  • Octavia Spencer auditioned for the role of Donna Meagle.
  • For his character's filibuster in {Article Two}, Patton Oswalt improvised an eight-minute monologue linking Disney's [Star Wars] and Marvel movie franchises. The entire uncut take appears as an extra on the Season 5 DVD set.
  • One of the show's creators, Michael Schur, often appears in the background as an extra.
  • Nick Offerman, who plays Ron Swanson, has a woodworking hobby as does his counterpart in the show. He has released an instructional DVD in canoe building and runs a fine woodworking business on the side.