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Parks and Recreation: Season 4 [2011]

Songs:Mark Rivers
Length:462 minutes
(7 hours 42 minutes)
Sorting Category:TV Show
IMDB Rating:8.6/10
Amazon Rating:5.0/5 stars
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  • Comedy
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Synopsis: An open city council seat calls to Leslie while her relationship with Ben seems to be picking up fast.

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Adrian Zeigler => DJ Bluntz (Pawnee Rangers)
Sarah Wright => Millicent Gergich (Pawnee Rangers)
Alan Yang => Chang (Dave Returns)
Andrew Burlinson => Burly (Dave Returns)
Eric Pierpoint => Chief Trumple (Dave Returns)
Louis C.K. => Dave Sanderson (Dave Returns)
Mark Rivers => Mark (Dave Returns)
Alison Becker => Shauna Malwae-Tweep (End of the World)
Minni Jo Mazzola => Natalie Ludgate (End of the World)
Natalie Morales => Lucy (End of the World)
Robert Pine => Herb (End of the World)
Andy Forrest => Kyle (I'm Leslie Knope)
Cooper Thornton => Dr. Harris (I'm Leslie Knope)
Jay Jackson => Perd Hapley (I'm Leslie Knope)
Kirk Fox => Joe (I'm Leslie Knope)
Patricia Clarkson => Tammy One (I'm Leslie Knope)
Audrey P. Scott => Young Leslie (as Audrey Scott) (Campaign Ad)
Paul Rudd => Bobby Newport (Campaign Ad)
Bradley Whitford => Councilman Pillner (Live Ammo)
Chelsea Peretti => Zelda (Live Ammo)
Yvans Jourdain => Councilman Howser (Live Ammo)
Carl Reiner => Ned Jones (Campaign Shake-Up)
Kathryn Hahn => Jennifer Barkley (Campaign Shake-Up)
Dan Castellaneta => Derry Murbles (Born & Raised)
Mel Cowan => Red-Faced Man (Born & Raised)
Mo Collins => Joan Callamezzo (Born & Raised)
Pamela Reed => Marlene Knope (Born & Raised)
Danielle Bisutti => Professor Linda Lonegan (Smallest Park)
Detlef Schrempf => Detlef Schrempf (Ron & Tammys)
Megan Mullally => Tammy Two (Ron & Tammys)
Paula Pell => Tammy Zero (Ron & Tammys)
Eric Isenhower => Orin (Meet 'n' Greet)
Jeanne Simpson => Diane (Meet 'n' Greet)
Harris Wittels => Harris (Operation Ann)
Martin Starr => Kevin (Operation Ann)
Helen Slayton-Hughes => Ethel Beavers (The Trial of Leslie Knope)
Jason Mantzoukas => Dennis Feinstein (Citizen Knope)
Kelly Washington => France (The Treaty)
Kevin Dorff => Derek (Bowling for Votes)
Mara Marini => Brandi Maxxxx (The Debate)
Mike O'Malley => Bill Butler (Bus Tour)
Sam Carson => Walter Fungerson (Sweet Sixteen)
Sean Hayes => Buddy Wood (Lucky)
Tuc Watkins => Pistol Pete (The Comeback Kid)
Amy Poehler => Director / Writer / Leslie Knope
Charles McDougall => Director
Daniel J. Goor => Director / Writer
Dean Holland => Director
Jorma Taccone => Director
Michael Schur => Director / Writer
Michael Trim => Director
Morgan Sackett => Director
Nicole Holofcener => Director
Randall Einhorn => Director
Robert B. Weide => Director
Tristram Shapeero => Director
Troy Miller => Director
Tucker Gates => Director
Wendey Stanzler => Director
Aisha Muharrar => Writer
Alan Yang => Writer
Chelsea Peretti => Writer
Dave King => Writer
Harris Wittels => Writer
Katie Dippold => Writer
Mike Scully => Writer
Nick Offerman => Writer / Ron Swanson
Norm Hiscock => Writer
Mark Rivers => Songs
Adam Scott => Ben Wyatt
Aubrey Plaza => April Ludgate
Aziz Ansari => Tom Haverford
Ben Schwartz => Jean-Ralphio
Chris Pratt => Andy Dwyer
Jim O'Heir => Jerry Gergich
Rashida Jones => Ann Perkins
Retta => Donna Meagle
Rob Lowe => Chris Traeger

Random Trivia For This Title:

  • In {Bowling for Votes} Gary gives his social security number over the phone during the phone campaign. He starts with "210," which means that he was born in Pennsylvania. Indiana's social security numbers start with 303-317.
  • In {Bowling for Votes} the name Ron gives for the scoreboard is "bowler".
  • In {Sweet Sixteen}, Chris (Rob Lowe) has taught Champion the dog commands in German and tries to teach Andy (Chris Pratt) how to speak them to the dog. Andy attempts but just speaks gibberish. In real life, Chris Pratt is fluent in German.
  • Eddie Pepitone auditioned for the role of an airport worker on {Lucky} but was unhappy with the part and turned it down.
  • In {Sweet Sixteen}, Chris Traeger (Rob Lowe) does an impression of John F. Kennedy when talking about Champion the dog. Rob Lowe played John F. Kennedy in Killing Kennedy.
  • In {Live Ammo}, Bradley Whitford plays a town councilman - in his office is a framed cocktail napkin with "Pillner for Pawnee". This is a nod to Whitford's former character Josh Lyman in [The West Wing], where a cocktail napkin with "Bartlet for America" was a key plot device.
  • In {Live Ammo}, there's an Easter egg in councilman Pillner's office. To begin the scene, the camera holds on a framed napkin, with "Pillner for Pawnee" written on it. That's a reference to the show that Bradley Whitford (the actor of Larry Pillner) starred in, [The West Wing], in that the president in the series had a napkin framed that read "Bartlet for America."
  • In {The Debate}, while preparing for the debate, Leslie is nervous. Ben then measures the podium, informing her that it is 4ft. Exactly the same size as her podium at city hall. A reference to another Indiana film, Hoosiers.
  • Ron's second ex-wife ("Tammy Two") is played by Megan Mullally, who in her real life is married to Nick Offerman (Ron).
  • Councilman Pilner (Bradley Whitford) says the line, "We play with live ammo around here.". This is a line directly from [The West Wing] (a show in which Whitford and Lowe stared together) said by Rob Lowe's character, Sam Seaborn. The episode also draws its title, 'Live Ammo,' from this line.
  • In {Ron & Tammys}, Tammy One was mentioned to have been a candy striper who helped deliver Ron Swanson and to have been the Sunday school teacher of Ron Swanson and Tammy Two. In real life, Patricia Clarkson (Tammy One) is one year younger than Megan Mullally (Tammy Two) and eleven years older than Nick Offerman.
  • In {Born & Raised}, the briefcase that Andy grabs around 15 mins into the episode has a smiley face on one side. its a bit hard to notice as its just indented into the leather as if someone drew a face on paper while leaning on the case.
  • Chelsea Peretti who plays Zelda in the episode {Live Ammo} also co-wrote the episode and is credited as story editor on the series.
  • It is a common mistake that Alexandra Daddario was one of Joan Callamezzo's "Gotcha Dancers" in the episode {Born & Raised}.
  • Nick Offerman (Ron) and Aubrey Plaza (April) share the same birthday, June 26. [?] Jason Shwartzman, who guest appears on the show, also shares the birthday.
  • {Ron & Tammys} is the only episode where Ron Swanson has his moustache shaved.
  • Jim O'Heir who plays Jerry, originally auditioned for the role of Ron Swanson. The producers liked him so much that they kept him on the show just "to see how it would play out."