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Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice - Ultimate Edition [2016] (2 discs)

Director:Zack Snyder
Writer:Chris Terrio
David S. Goyer
Composer:Hans Zimmer
Junkie XL
Length:151 minutes
(2 hours 31 minutes)
MPAA Rating:UR
Sorting Category:Graphic Novel
Sorting Tub:Alpha
IMDB Rating:6.9/10
Rotten Tomatoes Rating:27%
Amazon Rating:3.5/5 stars
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  • Action
  • Drama
  • Fantasy
  • Sci-Fi
  • CG
Available Formats:
HD DVDBlu-ray
3D Blu-rayDigital
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Synopsis: Two versions of DC's answer to the Avengers.

Reaction: Not a bad movie but it really needs to allow itself to have more fun and not be dour and dire all the time.

Personal Rating: 7/10

Zack Snyder => Director
Chris Terrio => Writer
David S. Goyer => Writer
Hans Zimmer => Composer
Junkie XL => Composer
Amy Adams => Lois
Anderson Cooper => Anderson Cooper
Andrew Sullivan => Andrew Sullivan
Ben Affleck => Bruce Wayne / Batman
Brandon Spink => Young Bruce Wayne
Brooke Baldwin => Brooke Baldwin
Callan Mulvey => Anatoli Knyazev
Carla Gugino => Ship Voice (voice)
Charlie Rose => Charlie Rose
Dana Bash => Dana Bash
Diane Lane => Martha Kent
Erika R. Erickson => Erika Erickson (as Erika Erickson)
Ezra Miller => The Flash
Gal Gadot => Diana Prince / Wonder Woman
Henry Cavill => Clark Kent / Superman
Holly Hunter => Senator Finch
Hugh Maguire => Jack O' Dwyer
Jason Momoa => Aquaman
Jeffrey Dean Morgan => Thomas Wayne  (uncredited)
Jena Malone => Jenet Klyburn
Jeremy Irons => Alfred
Jesse Eisenberg => Lex Luthor
Joe Morton => Silas
Jon Stewart => Jon Stewart
Joseph Cranford => Pete Ross
Kerry Birmingham => Kelly Birmingham
Kevin Costner => Jonathan Kent
Lauren Cohan => Martha Wayne
Laurence Fishburne => Perry White
Michael Cassidy => Jimmy Olsen
Michael Shannon => Zod
Nancy Grace => Nancy Grace
Neil deGrasse Tyson => Neil deGrasse Tyson
Patrick Wilson => POTUS (voice)
Ray Fisher => Cyborg
Scoot McNairy => Wallace Keefe
Soledad O'Brien => Soledad O'Brien
Tao Okamoto => Mercy Graves
Vikram Gandhi => Vikram Gandhi
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Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice20161517PG-136.9273.5
Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice - Extended Cut20161837R6.9273.5

Random Trivia For This Title:

  • Ben Affleck asked Christian Bale for any advice he could give about playing Batman. Bale told him to "make sure you can piss in that suit." The two men met quite by accident in a costume shop. They were each buying a Batman costume for their kids.
  • According to Ben Affleck, he was surprised when he was offered the Batman role and was at first hesitant to commit to it. He was won over after a meeting with director Zack Snyder, who pitched Affleck his vision of Batman and showed him concept art for the film.
  • At least three of Batman's hand-to-hand takedowns in the warehouse are taken directly from the [Batman: Arkham] games. One where he bursts through a wall, another when he breaks a thug's arm backwards, and one where he throws a thug's face straight to the ground. Additionally, there are: the batclaw slam, when Batman uses his batclaw to draw an enemy closer to his fist which knock him (the enemy) down, and the use of devices that destroy the thugs' weapons (aka the Disruptor).
  • When Gal Gadot was asked by a reporter about how she would get Wonder Woman's breasts from the comics, she answered, "Wonder Woman is Amazonian, and historically accurate Amazonian women actually had only one breast. So, if I'd really go 'by the book,' it'd be problematic." Gadot practiced Kung Fu, kick boxing, sword fight, jiu-jitsu and capoeira as part of her physical preparation for the role.
  • This film marks the third time that the role of Batman has been played by an Oscar-winner. Ben Affleck won best Original Screenplay for Good Will Hunting and Best Picture for Argo, Christian Bale won Best Supporting Actor for The Fighter, and George Clooney won Best Supporting Actor for Syriana, as well as Best Picture for Argo, along with Affleck. This is also the second time an Oscar winner has played Bruce Wayne/Batman's butler, Alfred. Jeremy Irons won Best Actor for [?] Reversal of Fortune and Michael Caine won two Best Supporting Actors for The Cider House Rules and Hannah and Her Sisters.
  • The batsuit that Ben Affleck wears is based on Batman's suit in the comic book The Dark Knight Returns, written by Frank Miller and published in 1986. The film itself is partly based on the graphic novel.