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The Office: Season 8 [2011]

Composer:Jay Ferguson
Length:530 minutes
(8 hours 50 minutes)
Sorting Category:TV Show
IMDB Rating:8.2/10
Amazon Rating:4.0/5 stars
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  • Comedy
  • Family
  • Drama
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Algerita Wynn => Cynthia (Garden Party)
Dee Wallace => Ellen Bernard (Garden Party)
Josh Groban => Walter Bernard, Jr. (Garden Party)
Michael Schur => Mose (Garden Party)
Stephen Collins => Walter Bernard, Sr. (Garden Party)
Ali Louise Hartman => Phillip Halstead Lipton (Jury Duty)
Bailey Kate Strull => Cecelia Halpert (Jury Duty)
Eduardo Antonio Garcia => Ernesto (Jury Duty)
Jack Coleman => State Senator Rob Lipton (Jury Duty)
Sienna Paige Strull => Cecelia Halpert (Jury Duty)
Susanne Allan Hartman => Phillip Halstead Lipton (Jury Duty)
Ameenah Kaplan => Val (Lotto)
Calvin Tenner => Glenn (Lotto)
Michael Daniel Cassady => Gideon (Lotto)
Andy Buckley => David Wallace (Fundraiser)
Brad Morris => Glenn (Get the Girl)
Brett Gelman => The Magician (Welcome Party)
Brian Gattas => Xander (Trivia)
Laurel Coppock => Stephanie (Trivia)
Catherine Tate => Nellie Bertram (Tallahassee)
David Koechner => Todd Packer (Tallahassee)
Wally Amos => Wally Amos (Tallahassee)
Dan Castellaneta => Mr. Ramish (Turf War)
David Mazouz => Bert California (Spooked)
Delaney Ruth Farrell => Sasha Flenderson (Free Family Portrait Studio)
Hidetoshi Imura => Hidetoshi Hasagawa (Free Family Portrait Studio)
Joanne Carlsen => Teri Hudson (Free Family Portrait Studio)
Spencer Daniels => Jake Palmer (Free Family Portrait Studio)
Taylar Hollomon => Jada (Free Family Portrait Studio)
Eleanor Seigler => Jessica (Christmas Wishes)
Georgia Engel => Irene (Last Day in Florida)
Jaime Jorn => Tattoo Artist (The Incentive)
Jerry Minor => Brandon (After Hours)
Kami Koren => Mary the Cocktail Waitress (After Hours)
Linda Taylor => Guitarist Lisa (Pam's Replacement)
Lindsey Broad => Cathy Simms (Pam's Replacement)
Robin Swenson => Curtis Dorough (Pam's Replacement)
Steve Moore => Drummer (Pam's Replacement)
Mark Proksch => Nate (The List)
Maura Tierney => Mrs. California (Mrs. California)
Phil Hawn => Park Ranger (Gettysburg)
Sendhil Ramamurthy => Ravi (Angry Andy)
Tig Notaro => Single Mom (Test the Store)
Tom Virtue => Man (Doomsday)
B.J. Novak => Director / Writer / Ryan Howard
Brent Forrester => Director
Brian Baumgartner => Director / Kevin Malone
Charles McDougall => Director
Charlie Grandy => Director / Writer
Claire Scanlon => Director
Daniel Chun => Director / Writer
David Rogers => Director
Ed Helms => Director / Andy Bernard
Eric Appel => Director
Jeffrey Blitz => Director
John Krasinski => Director / Jim Halpert
Matt Sohn => Director
Rainn Wilson => Director / Dwight Schrute
Randall Einhorn => Director
Troy Miller => Director
Aaron Shure => Writer
Allison Silverman => Writer
Amelie Gillette => Writer
Carrie Kemper => Writer
Dan Greaney => Writer
Halsted Sullivan => Writer
Justin Spitzer => Writer
Mindy Kaling => Writer / Kelly Kapoor
Owen Ellickson => Writer
Paul Lieberstein => Writer / Toby Flenderson
Robert Padnick => Writer
Steve Hely => Writer
Warren Lieberstein => Writer
Jay Ferguson => Composer
Angela Kinsey => Angela Martin-Lipton
Craig Robinson => Darryl Philbin
Creed Bratton => Creed Bratton
Ellie Kemper => Erin Hannon
Hugh Dane => Hank
James Spader => Robert California
Jenna Fischer => Pam Beesly
Kate Flannery => Meredith Palmer
Leslie David Baker => Stanley Hudson
Oscar Nuņez => Oscar Martinez
Phyllis Smith => Phyllis Vance
Zach Woods => Gabe Lewis

Random Trivia For This Title:

  • Michael Scott is only referenced twice in Season 8.
  • The computers on the Dunder-Mifflin office set are wired for the internet. Cast members have admitted that when they're in the background of scenes they are often checking email and surfing the net.
  • Brian Baumgartner, who plays Kevin Malone, originally auditioned for the role of Stanley Hudson.
  • One of the dogs Andy ends up adopting in {Fundraiser} was also on [Parks and Recreation] as the dog Champion.
  • The kiss between Robert California and Andrew Bernard in {Free Family Portrait Studio} was improvised by actor James Spader.
  • On {Get the Girl}, when Erin is doing the short interview in Florida, she is apparently in front of a green box. She is really in there when she's picking up the paper, but if you watch closely, in the following scene, she doesn't naturally fit in the background, lighting in her face is softer, whereas in the real place it's natural sunlight.
  • During the {Fundraiser} cold open when Ryan is freaking out about the death of [?] Smokey Robinson, Jim agrees by saying, "I second that emotion," to emphasize the fact that Ryan doesn't really know Smokey's music. "I Second That Emotion" is a 1967 song written and performed by Smokey Robinson.
  • The epilogue scene of for {Doomsday}, with John Krasinski getting injured playing squash with James Spader was non-scripted. There is a shot of the ball rebounding and hitting Jim in the crotch. This actually accidently happened during filming and is hidden by a quick cut away and subsequent reaction inserts.
  • {Christmas Wishes} is the firstof two episodes directed by Ed Helms in the series. The other is S8E20 {Welcome Party}.
  • During the cold open for {Lotto}, the office workers are upset about a dog stuck in a car. However, the sun roof is open so there's really no reason they should all be so upset.
  • Catherine Tate was originally going to be revealed to be the new Office Manager in the Season 8 premiere, {The List}, but Tate's obligations with a major British touring production made this impossible. Her Nellie Bertram character was introduced later in the year as a Corporate executive who eventually made her way to the Scranton office for the closing stretch of the 8th season and all of the 9th and final season of the series.
  • Matt Besser, Matt Price, Seth Rogen, Judah Friedlander, and [?] Jarrett Grode also auditioned for the role of Dwight. (Seth's audition tape can be found online.) Matt Walsh was in the final running for the role but was turned down.
  • The guitarist who joins Robert California in {Pam's Replacement} is Linda Taylor, the same guitarist who performs in ABC's [Whose Line Is It Anyway?]
  • During the 8th season Jenna Fischer (Pam Halpert) was actually pregnant. The pregnancy was already planned for the season but it wasn't intended that Jenna Fischer would get pregnant.