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The Office: Season 7 [2010]

Composer:Jay Ferguson
Length:586 minutes
(9 hours 46 minutes)
Sorting Category:TV Show
IMDB Rating:8.5/10
Amazon Rating:4.5/5 stars
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  • Comedy
  • Family
  • Drama
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Algerita Wynn => Cynthia (Andy's Play)
Maxwell Glick => Tobias (Andy's Play)
Phil Abrams => Shelby Thomas Weems (Andy's Play)
Robert Mammana => Sweeney Todd (Andy's Play)
Amy Pietz => Donna  (voice) (Sex Ed)
Linda Purl => Helene Beesly (Sex Ed)
Mark Proksch => Nate (Sex Ed)
Melora Hardin => Jan Levinson (Sex Ed)
Molly Burk => Jan's Daughter (Sex Ed)
Nancy Carell => Carol Stills (Sex Ed)
Ben Wang => Chinese Restaurant Waiter (The Search)
Eugene Cordero => Gas Station Attendant (The Search)
Bill Coelius => Restaurant Manager (Michael's Last Dundies)
Calvin Tenner => Calvin (Goodbye, Michael)
Warren Lieberstein => Rory Flenderson (Goodbye, Michael)
Catherine Tate => Nellie Bertram (Search Committee)
James Spader => Robert California (Search Committee)
Jim Carrey => The Fingerlakes Guy (Search Committee)
Ray Romano => Merv Bronte (Search Committee)
Warren Buffett => Interviewee (Search Committee)
Will Arnett => Fred Henry (Search Committee)
Cody Horn => Jordan Garfield (The Inner Circle)
Daniel J. Goor => Bar Patron (as Dan Goor) (Threat Level Midnight)
David Denman => Roy Anderson (Threat Level Midnight)
Hidetoshi Imura => Hidetoshi Hasagawa (Threat Level Midnight)
Karly Rothenberg => Madge (Threat Level Midnight)
Lee Eisenberg => Gino (Threat Level Midnight)
Mike Bruner => Tony Gardner (Threat Level Midnight)
Noel Petok => Troy Underbridge (Threat Level Midnight)
Rashida Jones => Karen Filippelli (Threat Level Midnight)
David Koechner => Todd Packer (Costume Contest)
Erica Mer => Blue Shirted Kid #2 (Christening)
Peggy Stewart => Sylvia (Christening)
Rick Overton => Mr. Beesly (Christening)
Robert Pine => Gerald Halpert (Christening)
Stephanie McVay => Sconesy Cider (Christening)
Evan Peters => Luke Cooper (Nepotism)
Greg Tuculescu => Tom (The Seminar)
Ricky Gervais => David Brent  (The Seminar)
Jack Coleman => State Senator Rob Lipton (
Selah Victor => Sheri / Mother Harvest (
Michael Schur => Mose (Counseling)
Rob Huebel => A. J. (Classy Christmas)
Taylar Hollomon => Jada (Classy Christmas)
Sarah Zimmerman => Other Pam (China)
Timothy Olyphant => Danny Cordray (The Sting)
Will Ferrell => Deangelo Vickers (Training Day)
Alex Hardcastle => Director
B.J. Novak => Director / Writer / Ryan Howard
Charles McDougall => Director
Danny Leiner => Director
David Rogers => Director
Dean Holland => Director
Greg Daniels => Director / Writer
Jeffrey Blitz => Director
John Scott => Director
Ken Whittingham => Director
Matt Sohn => Director
Michael Alan Spiller => Director
Mindy Kaling => Director / Writer / Kelly Kapoor
Paul Feig => Director
Paul Lieberstein => Director / Writer / Toby Flenderson
Rainn Wilson => Director / Dwight Schrute
Randall Einhorn => Director
Steve Carell => Director / Michael Scott
Troy Miller => Director
Tucker Gates => Director
Aaron Shure => Writer
Amelie Gillette => Writer
Brent Forrester => Writer
Carrie Kemper => Writer
Charlie Grandy => Writer
Daniel Chun => Writer
Halsted Sullivan => Writer
Jon Vitti => Writer
Justin Spitzer => Writer
Peter Ocko => Writer
Robert Padnick => Writer
Steve Hely => Writer
Warren Lieberstein => Writer
Jay Ferguson => Composer
Amy Ryan => Holly Flax
Angela Kinsey => Angela Martin
Brian Baumgartner => Kevin Malone
Craig Robinson => Darryl Philbin
Creed Bratton => Creed Bratton
Ed Helms => Andy Bernard
Ellie Kemper => Erin Hannon
Hugh Dane => Hank
Jenna Fischer => Pam Beesly
John Krasinski => Jim Halpert
Kate Flannery => Meredith Palmer
Kathy Bates => Jo Bennett
Leslie David Baker => Stanley Hudson
Oscar Nuņez => Oscar Martinez
Phyllis Smith => Phyllis Vance
Robert R. Shafer => Bob Vance
Zach Woods => Gabe Lewis

Random Trivia For This Title:

  • While in {Sex Ed}, Michael believes he has herpes, it's learned in {Garage Sale} that it was just an ingrown hair.
  • In the episode {Viewing Party}, the crew head's to Gabe house for to watch [Glee]. When invited, Michael says that "the invalid" is his favorite character on Glee. Kevin McHale, who plays Artie on Glee, also played the pizza delivery boy who is kidnapped by Michael in the {Launch Party} episode in season 4.
  • Paul Giamatti, Martin Short, Bob Odenkirk, and Hank Azaria were all considered for the role of Michael Scott before Steve Carell was cast. Thomas Lennon, Ken Marino, [?] Ben Falcone, Nick Offerman, Alan Tudyk, [?] Jim Zulevic and [?] Bill Chott also auditioned for the role of Michael Scott. Rainn Wilson originally auditioned for the role of Michael Scott before being cast as Dwight Schrute. Steve Carell only watched a few minutes of the British version before permanently stopping such viewing because he did not want to copy Ricky Gervais' performance as the office manager. John Krasinski, on the other hand, was an avid viewer of the original. When John Krasinski first auditioned for the show, he was called back for the role of Dwight. He told the producers that he would rather play Jim, but they refused to allow it. After a suitable Dwight was found for the show, Krasinski was allowed to come in for the role of Jim.
  • Fictional company Dunder Mifflin is now an actual member of the Greater Scranton Chamber of Commerce.
  • Despite having a rivalry and an awkward relationship in the show (see {Costume Contest}), John Krasinski has confessed that Timothy Olyphant was one of his favourite people who made a guest appearance and said he hugely enjoyed working with him.
  • 3 of the 4 Anchormen from Anchorman the legend of Ron burgundy appear at some point in this series. Steve Carell as Michael Scott, David Koechner as Todd Packer and [?] Will Ferrel as Deangelo Vickers. Ironically the one who didn't appear, Paul Rudd, appeared on [Parks and Recreation] which was originally going to be a spin-off, but still had the mockumentry style this show has. Paul Rudd played Bobby Newport.
  • B.J. Novak wanted Amy Adams to reprise her role as Katy in {Threat Level Midnight}, but Adams couldn't due to scheduling conflicts.
  • Warren Buffett, one of the world's richest men, played the old man interviewee asking about mileage and personal phone calls on {Search Committee}.
  • In {The Sting}, when Michael is asking the office who Danny Corday (played by Timothy Olyphant) reminds them of, Kelly responds with Josh Duhamel and Angela agrees. Timothy Olyphant and Josh Duhamel are often confused with one another.
  • In {The Search}, when they zoom in on the picture of Creed on the "Thief" wall, you can see the picture to the left is Creed again but with a wig on.
  • According to the producers, the decision to make Robert California the new boss wasn't made before the episode {Search Committee}, but after being impressed with what James Spader brought to the character in one single scene.
  • Toby is seen skyping his brother Rory from his office in {Goodbye, Michael}. The actor is Warren Lieberstein. Paul Lieberstein's real brother. Warren Lieberstein, was actually married to Angela Kinsey from 2000 to 2010.
  • Jim only appears in the cold open of the episode {Ultimatum}.
  • The {Todd Packer} cold open, which featured Jim and Dwight arguing about canned foods, was actually filmed for the previous season and is featured in the blooper reel on the sixth season DVD and Blu-ray sets.