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King Kong [2005] (2 discs)

Director:Peter Jackson
Writer:Fran Walsh
Peter Jackson
Philippa Boyens
Composer:James Newton Howard
Length:187 minutes
(3 hours 7 minutes)
MPAA Rating:PG-13
Sorting Category:Action
Sorting Tub:Hotel
IMDB Rating:7.5/10
Rotten Tomatoes Rating:84%
Amazon Rating:4.0/5 stars
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  • Fantasy
  • Action
  • CG
  • Drama
  • Family
Available Formats:
HD DVDBlu-ray
3D Blu-rayDigital
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Synopsis: In 1933 New York, an overly ambitious movie producer coerces his cast and hired ship crew to travel to mysterious Skull Island, where they encounter Kong, a giant ape who is immediately smitten with leading lady Ann Darrow.

Reaction: This one is well done, but way too long. The action sequences wear out their welcome well before they're over. Otherwise, this'd be a superb version of the story.

Personal Rating: 7/10

Peter Jackson => Director / Writer
Fran Walsh => Writer
Philippa Boyens => Writer
James Newton Howard => Composer
Adrien Brody => Jack Driscoll
Andy Serkis => Lumpy / Kong
Colin Hanks => Preston
Craig Hall => Mike
David Denis => Taps
David Pittu => Weston
Evan Parke => Hayes
Geraldine Brophy => Maude
Howard Shore => Orchestra Pit Conductor (uncredited)
Jack Black => Carl Denham
Jamie Bell => Jimmy
John Sumner => Herb
Kyle Chandler => Bruce Baxter
Lobo Chan => Choy
Mark Hadlow => Harry
Naomi Watts => Ann Darrow
Rick Baker => Pilot
Thomas Kretschmann => Captain Englehorn
William Johnson => Manny (as William Johnson)

Random Trivia For This Title:

  • The scene where Denham, Driscoll and the crew fall into a pit filled with giant bugs is a reference to a scene in the original 7830, where the crew fell into a pit and were devoured by giant spiders, which was cut after many members of preview audiences ran out of the theater in horror during the scene. The original scene has never been found.
  • Besides studying wild gorillas in Rwanda in order to be able to mimic their movements and behavior, Andy Serkis also developed a close friendship with a female gorilla called Zaire at a zoo near London.
  • Andy Serkis had 132 sensors attached to his face so that his every facial expression could be captured and shown on King Kong's face.
  • King Kong's roar is a lion's roar played backwards at half speed.
  • Adrien Brody was the first and only choice for hero Jack Driscoll. While Brody was under the impression that he was competing with other actors for the role, he was quickly informed by the producers that they were only interested in him. He signed on before the script was written.
  • Howard Shore had written and recorded much of the score for this film, but shortly before release, he departed from the project. Peter Jackson stated that because of "differing creative aspirations" between the two of them, they both thought it best for Shore to be replaced by James Newton Howard, who was given less than two months to write and record a new score for the entire film.
  • Peter Jackson was paid $20 million to direct this film, the highest salary ever paid to a film director in advance of production.
  • The role of "Jimmy" played by Jamie Bell, was created specifically for him.
  • Jack Black has claimed that he did not wear any make-up at all in the entire movie after hearing a false rumor that Clint Eastwood never wears any make-up in his movies. He also wore a hairpiece during filming rather than going through makeup to achieve the '30s hairdo' look.
  • The insects attacking Jack Driscoll at the canyon bottom are gigantic versions of the Weta, a species native to New Zealand and the namesake of Peter Jackson's production studio.