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House M.D.: Season 8 [2011] (5 discs)

Composer:Massive Attack
Length:990 minutes
(16 hours 30 minutes)
Sorting Category:TV Show
Sorting Tub:Kilo
IMDB Rating:8.4/10
Amazon Rating:4.5/5 stars
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  • Drama
  • Mystery
  • Family
  • Comedy
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HD DVDBlu-ray
3D Blu-rayDigital
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Synopsis: The final season of House starts with the curmudgeon in prison.

Reaction: A great final season and a unique ending.

Personal Rating: 8/10

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Alexie Gilmore => Ainsley Barton (Risky Business)
Michael Nouri => Thad Barton (Risky Business)
Amber Tamblyn => Martha M. Masters (Everybody Dies)
Andre Braugher => Dr. Darryl Nolan (Everybody Dies)
Anne Dudek => Dr. Amber Volakis (Everybody Dies)
James LeGros => Oliver (as James Le Gros) (Everybody Dies)
Jennifer Morrison => Dr. Allison Cameron (Everybody Dies)
Kal Penn => Dr. Lawrence Kutner (Everybody Dies)
Sela Ward => Stacy Warner (Everybody Dies)
Amy Davidson => Molly (We Need the Eggs)
Eddie Pepitone => Operator (We Need the Eggs)
George Sharperson => Harris (We Need the Eggs)
Kevin Christy => Henry (We Need the Eggs)
Nik Isbelle => Amy (We Need the Eggs)
Noelle Bellinghausen => Emily (We Need the Eggs)
Arlen Escarpeta => Brant (Blowing the Whistle)
Sharif Atkins => Hayes (Blowing the Whistle)
Billy Connolly => Thomas Bell (Love is Blind)
Diane Baker => Blythe House (Love is Blind)
Margo Harshman => Melissa (Love is Blind)
Michael B. Jordan => Will Westwood (Love is Blind)
Bridgit Mendler => Callie Rogers (Runaways)
Darlene Vogel => Ellen Rogers (Runaways)
Channon Roe => Emory (Dead and Buried)
Madison Davenport => Iris (Dead and Buried)
Robert Pine => Mickey's Father (Dead and Buried)
David Anders => Bill Koppelman (Nobody's Fault)
Jeffrey Wright => Dr. Walter Cofield (Nobody's Fault)
Denny Siegel => Diane (Man of the House)
Jake Weber => Joe Reese (Man of the House)
JosÚ Z˙˝iga => Nate Weinmann (Man of the House)
Karolina Wydra => Dominika House (Man of the House)
Rena Sofer => Marlene Reese (Man of the House)
Elizabeth Lackey => Janey Parker (as Lisa Lackey) (Parents)
Harrison Thomas => Ben Parker (Parents)
Jennifer Crystal Foley => Rachel Taub (Parents)
Zena Grey => Ruby (Parents)
Greg Finley [II] => Bobby Hatcher (Gut Check)
Heather McComb => Theresa (Transplant)
Liza Snyder => Vanessa (Transplant)
Ron Perkins => Dr. Ron Simpson (Transplant)
Heather Stephens => Denise Harris (The Confession)
Jamie Bamber => Bob Harris (The Confession)
Jaleel White => Porter (Twenty Vicodin)
Jude Ciccolella => Mendelson (Twenty Vicodin)
Thom Barry => Dr. Sykes (Twenty Vicodin)
Jamie Elman => Dr. Peter Treiber (Post Mortem)
Peter Weller => Dr. Penza (Post Mortem)
Jessica Collins [II] => Dr. Elizabeth Lawson (The C Word)
Rachel Eggleston => Emily Lawson (The C Word)
Joanna Strapp => Kate (Charity Case)
Olivia Wilde => Dr. Remy 'Thirteen' Hadley (Charity Case)
Toni Trucks => Trina (Charity Case)
Wentworth Miller => Benjamin Byrd (Charity Case)
Julie Mond => Moira Parker (Chase)
Valeri Ross => Sister Joan (Chase)
Melanie Lynskey => Natalie Tavares (Better Half)
Vincent Spano => Tommy (Perils of Paranoia)
Colin Bucksey => Director
Daniel Attias => Director
David Shore => Director / Writer / Creator
David Straiton => Director
Greg Yaitanes => Director
Hugh Laurie => Director / Dr. Gregory House
Julian Higgins => Director
Kate Woods => Director
Matt Shakman => Director
Miguel Sapochnik => Director
Peter Weller => Director
Sanford Bookstaver => Director
Stefan Schwartz => Director
Tim Southam => Director
Danny Weiss => Writer
David Foster => Writer
David Hoselton => Writer
Dustin Paddock => Writer
Eli Attie => Writer
Garrett Lerner => Writer
Jamie Conway => Writer
John C. Kelley => Writer
Kath Lingenfelter => Writer
Liz Friedman => Writer
Marqui Jackson => Writer
Peter Blake => Writer
Russel Friend => Writer
Sara Hess => Writer
Seth Hoffman => Writer
Thomas L. Moran => Writer
Massive Attack => Composer
Charlyne Yi => Dr. Chi Park
Jesse Spencer => Dr. Robert Chase
Odette Annable => Dr. Jessica Adams
Omar Epps => Dr. Eric Foreman
Peter Jacobson => Dr. Chris Taub
Robert Sean Leonard => Dr. James Wilson

Random Trivia For This Title:

  • Man of the House: Factual Error - Immigration officers do not make house calls when doing interviews for those spouses applying for permanent residency permits (green card).
  • Man of the House: Factual Error - The patient (character Joe Reese played by Jake Weber) wears his wedding ring during the MRI. It is unlikely that House's staff would have allowed this as it could interfere with the results and be magnetically sensitive.
  • Everybody Dies: The climax of the finale, is an homage to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's {The Final Problem}. In which Sherlock Holmes dies, only to find out he faked his own death.
  • Transplant: Cotinuity Error - When House enters the visiting room in the prison with Foreman, the computer clearly has the lid opened. When the camera changes angle to see Foreman's view, the computer is shut.
  • The Confession: Wilson tells Foreman to punch him in the liver if he ever mentions something about wanting kids. Wilson had part of his liver removed in episode 6.9 House M.D.: [Wilson] to save a patient.
  • Everybody Dies: When Taub asks House how he can possibly be in a good mood in the face of Wilson's impending death and House's legal problems, House replies, "did you never see Dead Poets Society? Carpe Diem!" Series star Robert Sean Leonard, who plays Wilson, also starred in Dead Poets Society (in which Leonard's character does die toward the end).
  • Perils of Paranoia: Revealing Mistake - In the elevator when Foreman presses a floor button, another corresponding floor button should have lit up in the visible button panel on the opposite wall of the elevator cabin.
  • [?] Patrick Stump, singer of [?] Fall Out Boy, is in episode 17 of season 8. He plays Micah.
  • The Confession: House refers to Taub's arrangements with his daughter as a {Love Shack}. Referencing The B-52's song of the same name.
  • We Need the Eggs: Continuity Error - During the conversation in which Dr Adams confronts Henry on the woman he modeled his doll after, his eyes are initially colored normally, before suddenly becoming jaundiced (yellow) in the next shot, as they would be given his liver failure.
  • Risky Business: Factual Error - House tries to capitalize on returning the CEO to work, i.e. House expects the stock to go up after he heals him. In that case, he should have bought 'call options', not 'put options'. He could have written (sold short) put options, but no broker would allow that on margin since options already are a way to create leverage.
  • Man of the House: Character Error - House mentions that Dominika made a trip to Bosnia. Her character is from the Ukraine, and not yet being a legal permanent resident alien, if she had gone outside of the country, she would not have been allowed back in, and her application would have had to be started again from the very beginning. Being outside of the U.S. it would take about one to two years for her to have been able to return to the country.
  • In ["Blowing the Whistle"] (Season 8, Episode 15) House is playing Call of Duty with Taub and House's gamer tag name is Occams Chainsaw. It's a play on Occam's razor theory which says "Among competing hypotheses, the one with the fewest assumptions should be selected", thus showing House's doctoral personality being based on the Occam's razor theory.
  • Twenty Vicodin: Factual Error - Mendelson is seen wearing a gold ring on his hand. Prisoners aren't allowed to have any jewelry of any kind and it is kept until their release.