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Firefly [2002] (4 discs)

Composer:Greg Edmonson
Length:588 minutes
(9 hours 48 minutes)
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Sorting Tub:Kilo
IMDB Rating:9.5/10
Amazon Rating:5.0/5 stars
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  • Drama
  • Sci-Fi
  • Action
  • Family
  • CG
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Synopsis: Mal and his crew get caught up in the personal adventure of a very unique young woman and her brother.

Reaction: Great series. Should have been allowed a full run. Or at least a full season.

Personal Rating: 9/10

Select Guest Cast
Al Pugliese => Amnon Duul (The Message)
Jonathan M. Woodward => Tracey (The Message)
Joss Whedon => Man at Funeral (The Message)
Richard Burgi => Lieutenant Womack (The Message)
Tod Nakamura => Fendris (The Message)
Andrew Bryniarski => Crow (The Train Job)
Gregg Henry => Sheriff Bourne (The Train Job)
Tom Towles => Lund (The Train Job)
Valerie Red-Horse => Deputy (The Train Job)
Andy Rolfes => Marcus Grange (as Andrew A. Rolfes) (Safe)
Erica Tazel => Doralee (as Erica N. Tazel) (Safe)
Isabella Hofmann => Regan Tam (Safe)
John Thaddeus => Stark (Safe)
Matthew Ferreira => Nathaniel Grange (as Matthew C. Ferreira) (Safe)
Morina Pierce => Ruby (Safe)
Skylar Roberge => Young River (Safe)
William Converse-Roberts => Gabriel Tam (Safe)
Zac Efron => Young Simon (Safe)
Angie Hart => Lucy (Heart of Gold)
Doan Ly => Emma (Heart of Gold)
Fredric Lehne => Ranse Burgess (as Fredric Lane) (Heart of Gold)
Heather Black => Helen (Heart of Gold)
Jim Lau => Puppet Theater Narrator (Heart of Gold)
Kimberly McCullough => Chari (Heart of Gold)
Melinda Clarke => Nandi (Heart of Gold)
Sandy Mulvihill => Belinda (Heart of Gold)
Tracy Ryan => Petaline (as Tracy Leah Ryan) (Heart of Gold)
Benito Martinez => Boss (Our Mrs. Reynolds)
Erik Passoja => Bree (Our Mrs. Reynolds)
Blake Robbins => Agent McGuinness (Ariel)
Tom Virtue => Pompous Doctor (Ariel)
Bonnie Bartlett => Patience (Serenity)
Carlos Jacott => Lawrence Dobson (Serenity)
Colin Patrick Lynch => Radio Operator (Serenity)
Eddie Adams => Bendis (Serenity)
Branden R. Morgan => Survivor (as Branden Morgan) (Bushwacked)
Doug Savant => Commander Harken (Bushwacked)
Carl Bresk => Wright (Shindig)
Edward Atterton => Atherton Wing (Shindig)
Janora McDuffie => Cabott (Shindig)
Kim Onasch => Banning Miller (Shindig)
Larry Drake => Sir Warwick Harrow (Shindig)
Larry Pennell => Murphy (Shindig)
Daniel Bess => Mudder (Jaynestown)
Gregory Itzin => Magistrate Higgins (Jaynestown)
Kevin Gage => Stitch Hessian (Jaynestown)
Zachary Kranzler => Fess Higgins (as Zachary Kranzier) (Jaynestown)
Dwier Brown => Durran Haymer (Trash)
Franc Ross => Monty Reynolds (Trash)
Ilia Volok => Marco (Out of Gas)
Steven Flynn => Captain (Out of Gas)
John Dunn => Torturer (War Stories)
Katherine Kendall => The Councillor (War Stories)
Rolando Molina => Bolles (War Stories)
Richard Brooks => Jubal Early (Objects in Space)
Allan Kroeker => Director
David Solomon => Director
James A. Contner => Director
Joss Whedon => Director / Writer
Marita Grabiak => Director
Michael Grossman => Director
Thomas J. Wright => Director
Tim Minear => Director / Writer
Vern Gillum => Director
Vondie Curtis-Hall => Director
Ben Edlund => Writer
Brett Matthews => Writer
Cheryl Cain => Writer
Drew Z. Greenberg => Writer
Jane Espenson => Writer
Jose Molina => Writer
Greg Edmonson => Composer
Adam Baldwin => Jayne Cobb
Alan Tudyk => Hoban 'Wash' Washburne
Christina Hendricks => Saffron
Dennis Cockrum => Blue Glove Man #2
Gina Torres => ZoŽ Washburne
Jeff Ricketts => Blue Glove Man #1
Jewel Staite => Kaylee Frye
Mark Sheppard => Badger
Michael Fairman => Adelai Niska
Morena Baccarin => Inara Serra
Nathan Fillion => Captain Malcolm 'Mal' Reynolds
Ron Glass => Shepherd Book
Sean Maher => Dr. Simon Tam
Summer Glau => River Tam

Random Trivia For This Title:

  • Chinese phrases are often inserted into the English dialogue (sometimes to get away with saying things that the censors wouldn't allow them to say), and the ship has some signs in Chinese.
  • Every scene in space is shot without sound effects of the ship moving, precisely as it would in real vacuum. No air, no sound. (Note this does not cover dramatic music that plays during space scenes.)
  • According to an oral history of Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog published in July 2008 in [Entertainment Weekly], Neil Patrick Harris auditioned to play the doctor role on [Firefly] that was eventually filled by Sean Maher.
  • The cast had a running gag where they would yell Summer Glau's name whenever they flubbed a line or messed up. It began after she forgot her line at the end of a particularly difficult scene. The gag continued through the filming of Serenity.
  • The cast preferred to use the ship's lounge instead of a green room or other accommodations when waiting between shots.
  • The Alliance's full title is the "Anglo-Sino Alliance". Joss Whedon intended the Alliance to be the merger of the USA and China, the last of the world's superpowers. (This is why many characters on the show sometimes speak Chinese.) The Alliance flag, seen in the original pilot episode, is a blending of the US and Chinese flags.
  • The entire interior of Serenity (and some of its exterior) was built full-scale and almost completely contiguous, split across two soundstages - one stage for the upper deck and one for the lower deck, shuttle docks and hold. No "stock" corridors or redressed sets were ever used for Serenity's interiors.
  • Joss Whedon originally cast Rebecca Gayheart as Inara.
  • In the original conception of the show, Joss Whedon was only going to have five main characters on the ship. Throughout the development process, the character list got upped to nine.