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Farscape Season 3 [2001]

Composer:Guy Gross
Length:1012 minutes
(16 hours 52 minutes)
MPAA Rating:TV-14
Sorting Category:SciFi
IMDB Rating:8.5/10
Amazon Rating:4.5/5 stars
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  • Action
  • Sci-Fi
  • CG
  • Puppets
  • Drama
  • Comedy
  • Fantasy
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Synopsis: John Crichton runs an experimental mission in a space module of his own design and ends up lost in some unknown part of the universe.

Reaction: This is a great series with plenty of imagination and creative imagery. You gotta love the Jim Henson workshop.

Personal Rating: 9/10

Select Guest Cast
Amy Salas => Tauza (Incubator)
Danny Adcock => Co-Kura Strappa (Incubator)
Evan Sheaves => Child Scorpius (Incubator)
Anthony Hayes => Wa (I-Yensch, You-Yensch)
Ben Mendelsohn => Sko (I-Yensch, You-Yensch)
Brian Carbee => Lastren (Self Inflicted Wounds: Part 1 - Could'a, Would'a, Should'a)
Dwayne Fernandez => Cresto (Self Inflicted Wounds: Part 1 - Could'a, Would'a, Should'a)
Kerith Atkinson => Shreena (Self Inflicted Wounds: Part 1 - Could'a, Would'a, Should'a)
Nicholas Hope => Kreetago (Self Inflicted Wounds: Part 1 - Could'a, Would'a, Should'a)
Victoria Longley => Neeyala (Self Inflicted Wounds: Part 1 - Could'a, Would'a, Should'a)
Dan Spielman => Sub-Officer Dacon (...Different Destinations)
Lucy Bell => Nurse Kelsa (...Different Destinations)
Marshall Napier => General Grynes (...Different Destinations)
Dominique Sweeny => Kek / Thek (Relativity)
Thomas Holesgrove => Vek (Relativity)
Francesca Buller => Raxil (Scratch 'N Sniff)
Tamblyn Lord => Fe'Tor (Scratch 'N Sniff)
Hugh Keays-Byrne => Grunchlk (Season of Death)
Thomas Holesgrove => Diagnosian Tocot / Plonek (Season of Death)
Ian Bliss => PK Scientist Drillic (Losing Time)
John Gregg => Talyn Lyczac (The Choice)
Raj Ryan => Hotel Owner (The Choice)
Kate Beahan => Hubero (as Kate Beehan) (Fractures)
Matt Doran => Markir Tal (Fractures)
Kent McCord => Jack Crichton (Infinite Possibilities: Part 1 - Daedalus Demands)
Magda Szubanski => Furlow (Infinite Possibilities: Part 1 - Daedalus Demands)
Patrick Ward => Zylar (Infinite Possibilities: Part 1 - Daedalus Demands)
Ray Anthony => Alcar (Infinite Possibilities: Part 1 - Daedalus Demands)
Leeanna Walsman => Borlik (Suns and Lovers)
Thomas Holesgrove => Moordil (Suns and Lovers)
Linda Cropper => Xhalax Sun (Thanks for Sharing)
Lisa Griffiths => Belima (Eat Me)
Sean Masterson => Rovhu Pilot (voice) (Eat Me)
Shane Briant => Kaarvok (Eat Me)
Mark Mitchell => Mu-Quillus (Meltdown)
Susan Lyons => Sierjna (Meltdown)
Sean Taylor => Lt. Reljik (Into the Lion's Den: Part 1 - Lambs to the Slaughter)
Sheridan Rynne => Brenna (Into the Lion's Den: Part 2 - Wolf in Sheep's Clothing)
Andrew Prowse => Director
Catherine Millar => Director
Ian Barry => Director
Ian Watson => Director
Peter Andrikidis => Director
Rowan Woods => Director
Tony Tilse => Director
Ben Browder => Writer / John Crichton
Carleton Eastlake => Writer
Clayvon C. Harris => Writer
David Kemper => Writer
Justin Monjo => Writer
Lily Taylor => Writer
Matt Ford => Writer
Richard Manning => Writer
Rockne S. O'Bannon => Writer
Steve Worland => Writer
Guy Gross => Composer
Anthony Simcoe => Ka D'Argo
Claudia Black => Aeryn Sun
David Franklin => Lt. Meeklo Braca
Gigi Edgley => Chiana
Jonathan Hardy => Dominar Rygel XVI
Lani John Tupu => Captain Crais / Pilot
Matthew Newton => Ka Jothee (as Matt Newton)
Melissa Jaffer => Utu-Noranti Pralatong
Paul Goddard => Stark
Rebecca Riggs => Commandant Mele-On Grayza
Tammy Macintosh => Joolushko Tunai Fenta Hovalis
Virginia Hey => Pa'u Zotoh Zhaan
Wayne Pygram => Scorpius

Random Trivia For This Title:

  • The only actor to appear in all 88 episodes was Ben Browder, who portrayed Commander John Crichton.
  • Virginia Hey was originally required to shave her head for the full-body makeup needed for Zhaan. In later episodes, the makeup was modified to include a skullcap, allowing her to grow her hair back. Besides her problems with contact lenses, the make-up itself also negatively impacted Virginia Hey's health and was a factor in her decision to leave the series.
  • Crichton calls the Scorpius clone that resides in his mind "Harvey", after the invisible rabbit in the classic James Stewart film, Harvey. The name was suggested by a fan website.
  • Crichton makes references to numerous movies and television shows throughout the series. Some of these include: - He bemoans the fact that [Buffy the Vampire Slayer] might be dead by the time he gets back to Earth. - He refers to Moya as "the Federation Starship Buttcrack". - He quotes lines from Apocalypse Now and Blazing Saddles. - He writes "Hi there!" on his nuke, a reference to Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb. These references are named "Crichtonisms" by fans.