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Dinosaurs: The Complete First And Second Seasons [1991] (4 discs)

Composer:Bruce Broughton
Ray Colcord
Length:696 minutes
(11 hours 36 minutes)
Sorting Category:TV Show
Sorting Tub:Kilo
IMDB Rating:7.5/10
Rotten Tomatoes Rating:96%
Amazon Rating:4.5/5 stars
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  • Comedy
  • Puppets
  • Fantasy
  • Family
  • Kids
Available Formats:
HD DVDBlu-ray
3D Blu-rayDigital
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Synopsis: Dinosaurs follows the life of a family of dinosaurs, living in a modern world. They have TVs, fridges, etc. The only humans around are cavemen, who are viewed as pets and wild animals.

Reaction: Fun. Funny. Iconic. Creative. Foam Rubber. There's no end of fun words to describe this show.

Personal Rating: 8/10

Select Guest Cast
Bill Capizzi => Worker (The Clip Show)
Eileen Dunn => Miss Honeywell (The Clip Show)
Jarrett Lennon => Kid (The Clip Show)
Paxton Whitehead => Sir David Tushingham (The Clip Show)
Buddy Hackett => Louie (voice) (The Last Temptation of Ethyl)
John Glover => Lucius (voice) (The Last Temptation of Ethyl)
Christopher Meloni => Spike (voice) (How to Pick Up Girls)
Chuck Varesko => USO Stage Manager (Nuts to War: Part 2)
G.W. Bailey => Sarge (voice) (Nuts to War: Part 2)
Jason Alexander => General H. Norman Conquest (voice) (Nuts to War: Part 2)
David Leisure => Mr. Teddy Wolfe (voice) (What 'Sexual Harris' Meant)
Jack L. Harrell => Mr. Harold Heffer (voice) (What 'Sexual Harris' Meant)
Jason Alexander => Sexual Harris (voice) (What 'Sexual Harris' Meant)
David Rudman => Additional Dinosaur Performer (Family Challenge)
Michael Earl => Boy Contestant (voice) (Family Challenge)
Peter Bonerz => Insurance Agent (voice) (Family Challenge)
David Wohl => Bob (voice) (Unmarried... with Children)
Suzie Plakson => Monica Devertebrae (voice) (Unmarried... with Children)
Edie McClurg => Shopper (voice) (Power Erupts)
John Vernon => Mr. Ashland (voice) (Power Erupts)
William Schallert => Wesayso Scientist (voice) (Power Erupts)
Gary Owens => Narrator (Nuts to War: Part 1)
George Gaynes => Elder in Chief (voice) (Nuts to War: Part 1)
Harold Gould => Dinosaur Chief (voice) (Hurling Day)
Heather McPhaul => Caller (voice) (Fran Live)
Tony Shalhoub => Jerry Valentine (voice) (Fran Live)
James Murray => Additional Dinosaur Performer (When Food Goes Bad)
Tim Doyle => General Chow (voice) (When Food Goes Bad)
Jason Alexander => Gus Molehill (voice) (Switched at Birth)
Michael Dorn => Solomon The Great (voice) (Switched at Birth)
Mimi Kennedy => Glenda Molehill (voice) (Switched at Birth)
Jason Alexander => The Job Wizard (voice) (Career Opportunities)
Jason Bernard => Edward R. Hero (voice) (And the Winner Is...)
Jessica Lundy => Mindy (voice) (Slave to Fashion)
Julia Louis-Dreyfus => Heather Worthington (voice) (Slave to Fashion)
Tim Curry => Fox Jacket (voice) (Slave to Fashion)
Ken Hudson Campbell => Crazy Lou (voice) (Leader of the Pack)
Stephen Caffrey => Scabby (voice) (Leader of the Pack)
Tim Curry => Pterodactyl (voice) (Leader of the Pack)
Kevin Carlson => Additional Dinosaur Performer (Refrigerator Day)
Thom Sharp => Richard (voice) (Refrigerator Day)
Michael Dorn => Elders (voice) (The Golden Child)
Michael Dorn => Television Announcer (voice) (Wesayso Knows Best)
Michael Richards => Director (voice) (Wesayso Knows Best)
Paula Marshall => Cavewoman (Employee of the Month)
Richard Portnow => Mel Luster (voice) (The Mating Dance)
Steve Landesberg => Gary (voice) (High Noon)
Tom Fisher => Additional Dinosaur Performer (High Noon)
Steven Banks => Folk Singer (voice) (I Never Ate for My Father)
Bruce Bilson => Director
Jay Dubin => Director
Mark Brull => Director
Patrick Read Johnson => Director
Reza Badiyi => Director
Tom Trbovich => Director
William Dear => Director
Andy Goodman => Writer
Bob Young => Writer
Brian LaPan => Writer
Dava Savel => Writer
Dave Caplan => Writer
Kirk R. Thatcher => Writer
Michael Jacobs => Writer
Richard Day => Writer
Rob Ulin => Writer
Steve Pepoon => Writer
Tim Doyle => Writer
Victor Fresco => Writer
Bruce Broughton => Composer
Ray Colcord => Composer
Jim Henson => Original idea (uncredited)
Allan Trautman => Fran Sinclair
Arlene Lorre => Charlene Sinclair (body)
Bill Barretta => Earl Sinclair (body)
Brian Henson => Arthur Rizzic (voice)
Bruce Lanoil => Charlene Sinclair
Dave Goelz => Earl Sinclair (face)
David Greenaway => Roy Hess / The Doctor
Florence Stanley => Ethyl (voice)
Jack Tate => Elders
Jason Willinger => Robbie Sinclair (voice)
Jessica Walter => Fran Sinclair (voice)
John Kennedy => Baby Sinclair
Julianne Buescher => Additional Dinosaur Performer
Kevin Clash => Baby Sinclair (voice)
Leif Tilden => Robbie Sinclair (body)
Mak Wilson => Earl Sinclair
Michelan Sisti => Additional Dinosaur Performer / Caveperson
Mitchel Evans => Fran Sinclair (body) (as Mitchel Young Evans)
Pons Maar => Roy Hess (body)
Sally Struthers => Charlene Sinclair (voice)
Sam McMurray => Roy Hess (voice)
Sherman Hemsley => B.P. Richfield (voice)
Star Townsend => Additional Dinosaur Performer (as Star Townshend)
Steve Whitmire => B. P. Richfield / Robbie Sinclair (face)
Stuart Pankin => Earl Sinclair (voice)
Terri Hardin => Additional Dinosaur Performer
Tony Sabin Prince => Fran Sinclair

Random Trivia For This Title:

  • Jim Henson originally got the idea of a live action show featuring animatronic dinosaurs after he was impressed by the technology his Creature Shop was developing for the first Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles film. When the show went into production, the same technology was used to create the Dinosaurs. Many of the Ninja Turtle suit actors worked as various Dinosaur suit actors for the series.
  • None of the Sinclair family has the same coloured eyes.
  • Earl often sighs as he walks across a room. This allowed the person inside the costume a chance to see where he was going. He could only see through the open mouth.
  • The Mating Dance: The episode won an Emmy Award for Outstanding Art Direction for a Series.
  • The Mighty Megalosaurus: Even though "Dinosaurs" is a family friendly show "The Mighty Megalsaurus" is rated PG because Earl swears in this episode.
  • Most of the characters' names are of petroleum corporations (Sinclair, Hess, BP, Phillips).
  • How to Pick Up Girls: When Earl and The Baby are watching a sock puppet show, Fran says the show's for kids. Earl's response is that though the show has an aesthetic that appeals to kids the dialogue is clearly directed to adults. This is a direct reference to the style of Dinosaurs.
  • Power Erupts: The title is based on an observation by [?] Lord Acton in 1887: "Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men."
  • The Golden Child: On the TV show that Baby Sinclair is watching, the unnamed chemical that Mr. Lizard has Timmy make by mixing potassium nitrate, charcoal, and sulfur (which then explodes after he ignites it) is gunpowder.
  • What 'Sexual Harris' Meant: One of three episodes never shown in syndication on the Disney Channel.
  • {The Simpsons: Black Widower (1992)} features a parody of this show, and implies that it's a rip-off of [The Simpsons (1989)]. Jim Henson conceived of the idea before the ["The Simpsons"] aired. His idea was deemed too weird until the popularity of that series.
  • Jim Belushi turned down the role of Earl Sinclair, wanting to pursue a film career,
  • Power Erupts: In Wesayso's smear campaign toward Robbie Sinclair, it is mentioned that he supports furloughs for convicted murderers. This is in reference to [?] Michael Dukakis' presidential bid in the mid '80s, in which an ad against him pointed out Dukakis' support of furloughs for convicted murderers.
  • Jim Henson's Creature Shop designed the Dinosaur's animatronics with the requirements of a long-running series in mind. They were engineered to be far more robust and easy to maintain than would be necessary for a film.
  • The full-size dinosaur costumes came in two parts, a full body suit and a separate animatronic head. The head contained radio-controlled motors that moved the jaw, lips, eyes, and eyebrows. For closeup speaking and lip-sync, the heads were separated and operated by a team of puppeteers.
  • It is speculated that Earl Sinclair may had been modeled after actor Ernest Borgnine.