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The Bourne Ultimatum [2007]

Director:Paul Greengrass
Writer:George Nolfi
Scott Z. Burns
Tony Gilroy
Composer:John Powell
Length:115 minutes
(1 hour 55 minutes)
MPAA Rating:PG-13
Sorting Category:Action
IMDB Rating:8.2/10
Rotten Tomatoes Rating:93%
Amazon Rating:4.0/5 stars
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  • Action
  • Mystery
  • Drama
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3D Blu-rayDigital
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Synopsis: Bourne comes up against a superior team of assassins while he tries to track down the government agency that ruined his life.

Reaction: Excellent ending to a great and well-told series.

Personal Rating: 9/10

Paul Greengrass => Director
George Nolfi => Writer
Scott Z. Burns => Writer
Tony Gilroy => Writer
John Powell => Composer
Robert Ludlum => Novel
Albert Finney => Dr. Albert Hirsch
Brian Cox => Ward Abbott (voice) (archive footage)
Colin Stinton => Neal Daniels
Corey Johnson => Wills
Dan Fredenburgh => Jimmy
Daniel Brühl => Martin Kreutz
David Strathairn => Noah Vosen
Édgar Ramírez => Paz
Franka Potente => Marie Kreutz (archive footage)
Joan Allen => Pam Landy
Joey Ansah => Desh
Julia Stiles => Nicky Parsons
Lucy Liemann => Lucy
Matt Damon => Jason Bourne
Paddy Considine => Simon Ross
Scott Glenn => Ezra Kramer
Tom Gallop => Tom Cronin

Random Trivia For This Title:

  • Operation Blackbriar, the focal point of the film, was introduced in The Bourne Identity. Near the end of that film, Abbott is before a U.S. Congressional review board and explains Treadstone was a failure; then he closes a file and discusses Operation Blackbriar.
  • Jason Bourne's final line ("Look at us. Look at what they make you give.") echoes The Professor's (Clive Owen) dying words in The Bourne Identity.
  • The dog tags of Jason Bourne's original identity read: WEBB DAVID 829 63 1204 O NEG CATHOLIC
  • As shown to Pam Landis on a computer screen Jason Bourne enters New York as Gilberto de Piento from Brazil. The identity's passport is briefly shown in The Bourne Identity during Jason's exploration of the deposit box in Zürich. But the spelling there is Gilberto do Piento.
  • Jason Bourne never smiles in the movie, although he is seen to smile in a flashback from The Bourne Identity.
  • While looking through the files on Treadstone at the CIA office near the end of the film, Bourne flips by two files with pictures, both of which are shown as US Citizens terminated by the project. The second picture is of [?] Richard Chamberlain, the original actor in The Bourne Identity from 1988.
  • When they were shooting in Tangiers, it was in the middle of the Muslim fasting month of Ramadan, where no Muslim can eat or drink during the daylight hours. Interviews in the bonus material reveal that several of the crew members were Muslims, and found it exhausting to do the movie while being unable to eat or drink. Matt Damon comments on how he would see them look 'loningly at a cup of coffee or a sandwich'. To accommodate these crew members, the remaining members of the crew tried to discreetly eat and drink.
  • As with the previous films. The type of martial arts used by Jason Bourne is a combination of Filpino Kali along with Bruce Lee's Jeet Kune Do. The character of Desh uses the same as well as some moves from the Brazilian martial art of Capoeira.
  • In the Tangier chase scene Nicky and Desh are seen pushing past the citizens. These are not extras; Tangier was too crowded and the flow of the people was hard to control, hence the two actors are genuinely pushing through the crowd.
  • A picture of the film's producer Frank Marshall appears as one of the terminated agents in the file that Joan Allen faxes.
  • The film crew were unable to shut down Waterloo station, so pedestrians in the station can be seen looking and pointing at the camera.
  • Paul Greengrass states in the R2 DVD commentary that the relationship between Nicky and Bourne, prior to his amnesia was deliberately scripted and filmed as "ambiguous but significant".