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The World is Not Enough [1999]

Director:Michael Apted
Writer:Bruce Feirstein
Neal Purvis
Robert Wade
Composer:David Arnold
Length:128 minutes
(2 hours 8 minutes)
MPAA Rating:PG-13
Sorting Category:Action
IMDB Rating:6.3/10
Rotten Tomatoes Rating:51%
Amazon Rating:3.5/5 stars
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are subject to change
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  • Action
  • Drama
Available Formats:
HD DVDBlu-ray
3D Blu-rayDigital
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Synopsis: James Bond uncovers a nuclear plot when he protects an oil heiress from her former kidnapper, an international terrorist who can't feel pain.

Reaction: Takes some of the "theatrical ridiculousness" of the Bond franchise and turns it into "complete ridiculousness".

Personal Rating: 6/10

Michael Apted => Director
Bruce Feirstein => Writer
Neal Purvis => Writer
Robert Wade => Writer
David Arnold => Composer / Song "The World is Not Enough"
Don Black => Song "The World is Not Enough"
Garbage => Song Performer "The World is Not Enough"
Ian Fleming => Characters
Claude-Oliver Rudolph => Colonel Akakievich
Colin Salmon => Charles Robinson
David Calder => Sir Robert King
Denise Richards => Dr. Christmas Jones
Desmond Llewelyn => Q
Goldie => Bullion
Jeff Nuttall => Dr. Arkov
John Cleese => R
John Seru => Gabor
Judi Dench => M
Maria Grazia Cucinotta => Cigar Girl
Michael Kitchen => Bill Tanner
Patrick Malahide => Lachaise
Pierce Brosnan => James Bond
Robbie Coltrane => Valentin Zukovsky
Robert Carlyle => Renard
Samantha Bond => Miss Moneypenny
Serena Scott Thomas => Dr. Molly Warmflash
Sophie Marceau => Elektra King
Ulrich Thomsen => Davidov

Random Trivia For This Title:

  • The Scottish Castle used as MI6's secret headquarters is the same castle used in Highlander. It's called "Eilean Donan Castle" and is located near the Isle of Skye, West Scotland.
  • In the Scottish Headquarters castle, a portrait of Bernard Lee (the original M) hangs behind the current M's desk.
  • When the real MI6 learned that this film would shoot a scene around their headquarters, they moved to prohibit it, citing a security risk. However, Foreign Secretary [?] Robin Cook, at the urging of Member of Parliament [?] Janet Anderson, moved to overrule them and allow the shoot, stating, "After all Bond has done for Britain, it was the least we could do for Bond."
  • Serena Scott Thomas did her love scene with Bond herself, turning down the offer of letting a body double do it for her.
  • Published newspaper reports during production of the film indicated that, as the last [Bond] film of the millennium, this would feature cameos by virtually every surviving previous Bond girl. Ursula Andress, Diana Rigg, Famke Janssen and Barbara Bach were mentioned by name as among those slated to appear. Sadly, this idea - if it was ever more than a media rumor - never came to fruition. However, in the warehouse that Zukovsky has turned into an operations room, the girlie pictures seen on the walls are actually of former Bond girls.
  • The scene where Zukovsky (Robbie Coltrane) is splashing around in a pool of his own caviar was filmed on Coltrane's birthday.
  • Sophie Marceau's breast can be seen in her bed scene between Elektra King and James Bond. This happens just after Bond says "Enough ice for one night". Apparently, the glimpse has been airbrushed out so it cannot be seen in the trailer and remains only in the film itself.
  • The Q boat can achieve 80mph on the water. During the making of the film, it was discovered only by accident that its 350 horsepower engines could literally force the bow of the boat under water. The move was written into the film.
  • The 5-blade buzz-saw seen in the film was originally intended to be in the earlier [James Bond] movie GoldenEye.
  • The tying of the tie underwater by James Bond was an idea conceived by Pierce Brosnan.
  • Denise Richards was attracted to the role of Christmas Jones as she found the part to be "brainy", "athletic" and had "depth of character", a change in direction from previous Bond Girls. Audiences did not agree, and often consider Christmas to be the worst Bond Girl ever. This was the first [Bond] film to win a Razzie (in the category of Worst Supporting Actress), for the same reason.
  • To create the effect when Bond looks through his X-ray glasses, the actors were first filmed in their regular costumes, then again this time wearing special costumes that revealed the shapes of guns and knives underneath translucent clothing. The two were then matted together.