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On Her Majesty's Secret Service [1969] (1 disc)

Director:Peter R. Hunt
Writer:Richard Maibaum
Composer:John Barry
Length:142 minutes
(2 hours 22 minutes)
Sorting Category:Action
Sorting Tub:Hotel
IMDB Rating:6.8/10
Rotten Tomatoes Rating:81%
Amazon Rating:4.5/5 stars
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  • Action
  • Mystery
  • Drama
  • Sci-Fi
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HD DVDBlu-ray
3D Blu-rayDigital
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Synopsis: James Bond woos a mob boss's daughter and goes undercover to uncover the true reason for Blofeld's allergy research in the Swiss Alps that involves beautiful women from around the world.

Reaction: Lazenby's one outing as bond is actually a pretty good one if you're a bond fan. Though at times it feels like it's getting a little long.

Personal Rating: 7/10

Peter R. Hunt => Director
Richard Maibaum => Writer
John Barry => Composer
Ian Fleming => Novel
Angela Scoular => Ruby
Bernard Horsfall => Campbell
Bernard Lee => 'M'
Bill Morgan => Kleff, Draco's Man (uncredited)
Brian Worth => Manuel (uncredited)
Catherine Schell => Nancy (as Catherina Von Schell)
David de Keyser => Draco (voice) (uncredited)
Desmond Llewelyn => 'Q'
Diana Rigg => Tracy
Gabriele Ferzetti => Draco
Geoffrey Cheshire => Toussaint
George Baker => Sir Hilary Bray
George Lazenby => James Bond
Ilse Steppat => Irma Bunt
Irvin Allen => Che Che
James Bree => Gebrüder Gumbold
Joanna Lumley => The English Girl
John Gay => Hammond
Lois Maxwell => Moneypenny
Takis Emmanuel => Kleff (uncredited)
Telly Savalas => Blofeld
Terence Mountain => Raphael (as Terry Mountain)
Virginia North => Olympe
Yuri Borienko => Grunther

Random Trivia For This Title:

  • As of 2009, George Lazenby is the youngest actor to portray 007 at age 29 during filming. The rest of the actors and their ages, in no particular order: Sean Connery - 31, Roger Moore - 45, Timothy Dalton - 40, Pierce Brosnan - 41 and Daniel Craig - 38.
  • The producers originally intended to explain the change of lead actors in the film by saying that Bond had undergone plastic surgery because his "old" face was now too well known by foreign spies and terrorists for him to go undercover, but they then decided not to refer at all to the change, and thus hopefully minimize the public attention being paid to George Lazenby replacing Sean Connery. However, after the opening action sequence, right before the titles, Bond states "This never happened to the other fellow," an intentionally comedic reference to the change in actors.
  • The only [James Bond] movie in which both the main villain (Ernst Stavro Blofeld) and his sidekick (henchwoman Irma Bunt) survive and are not captured, arrested or killed.
  • Features the only signature gun barrel sequence of all [Bond] films in which Bond drops down on one knee while shooting at the audience. It's also the only version of the sequence where the descending blood completely erases Bond's image, leaving only the red circle.
  • This was the longest [Bond] film, at 140 minutes, until the appearance of Casino Royale in 2006 which runs 4 minutes longer.
  • This is Christopher Nolan's favourite movie, and many references can be found in the movie Inception.
  • For the opening sequence, railway sleepers (railroad ties) were buried under the sand to allow Bond's Aston Martin to drive on the beach.
  • This is the last time that John Barry's original Dr. No arrangement of the James Bond Theme would be used onscreen. It would however, continue to be used in trailers etc. as late as Licence to Kill.
  • Sean Connery later said that he would have preferred to do a [Bond] film like this one, as opposed to You Only Live Twice.
  • Adam West, a personal friend of Albert R. Broccoli, was offered the part of James Bond for the movie. West said that while he was very tempted, he ultimately turned it down feeling the role should be played by an English Actor.
  • Sean Connery was offered a then very large salary of $1 million to make this film but declined.
  • Timothy Dalton was offered the part of James Bond, but turned it down feeling that, at 22, he was too young and relatively unexperienced to take the role. Dalton would go on to play Bond in The Living Daylights and Licence to Kill nearly twenty years later.