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Synopsis: The life and experiences of one of the most famous, greatest artists in classical history.

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Richard Rich => Director
Brian Nissen => Writer
Lex de Azevedo => Composer
Clive Romney => Songs
Bernie Van De Yacht => Student (voice)
Bill Lane => Painter #1 (voice)
Corrado Giovannoni => Milan Incidental (voice) / Prior / Crony
Deborah Cummings => Duchess of Milan (voice)
Henry Scarfo => Artist (voice)
Jake Williamson => Peasant (voice) / Verrochio / Duke of Florence
Jennifer Joyce => Milan Incidental (voice)
Kevin Quinn [II] => Guard / Milanese Painter (voice)
Mark Hunt => Monk (voice) / Duke of Milan
Michael Altobello => Messenger / Milan Incidental (voice) / Toothless Man
Robert Cottrell => Michelangelo (voice)
Sandy Beth => Salai (voice)
Thom Marks => Painter #2 (voice)
Victor Mills => Leonardo da Vinci (voice)