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Star Trek: Voyager - Season 5 [1998] (7 discs)

Thirty Days

Composer:Jerry Goldsmith
Length:1170 minutes
(19 hours 30 minutes)
MPAA Rating:UR
Sorting Category:Star Trek TV
Sorting Tub:Mike
IMDB Rating:7.2/10
Amazon Rating:4.5/5 stars
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  • Action
  • Drama
  • Sci-Fi
  • Family
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Synopsis: Seven makes great strides at addapting to life outside the collective.

Reaction: The show gets a bit more ambitious.

Personal Rating: 7/10

"Timeless" and "Relativity"

Select Guest Cast
Alexander Enberg => Third Malon Engineer (Juggernaut)
Lee Arenberg => Pelk (Juggernaut)
Ron Canada => Fesek (Juggernaut)
Alissa Kramer => Jenny Delaney (Thirty Days)
Ben Livingston => Burkus (Thirty Days)
David Keith Anderson => Ensign Ashmore (Thirty Days)
Heidi Kramer => Megan Delaney (Thirty Days)
Warren Munson => Admiral Paris (voice) (Thirty Days)
Willie Garson => Riga (Thirty Days)
Bradley Pierce => Jason Janeway (11:59)
Kate Mulgrew => Shannon O' Donnell (11:59)
Kevin Tighe => Henry Janeway (11:59)
Kristina Hayes => Marci Collins (11:59)
Brian McNamara => Lieutenant William Chapman (Someone to Watch Over Me)
David Burke => Steven Price (Someone to Watch Over Me)
Ian Abercrombie => Abbot (Someone to Watch Over Me)
Scott Thompson => Tomin (Someone to Watch Over Me)
Bruce McGill => Captain Braxton (Relativity)
Dakin Matthews => Admiral Patterson (Relativity)
Jay Karnes => Lieutenant Ducane (Relativity)
Charles Rocket => Jippeq (The Disease)
Musetta Vander => Derran Tahl (The Disease)
Christopher Darga => Y'Sek (Think Tank)
Christopher Shea => Saowin (Think Tank)
Jason Alexander => Kurros (Think Tank)
David Clennon => Dr. Crell Moset (Nothing Human)
Frank Welker => Alien Creature (voice) (Nothing Human)
Jad Mager => Ensign Tabor (Nothing Human)
Erica Mer => Human Girl (Infinite Regress)
Hamilton Camp => Controller Vrelk (Extreme Risk)
J. Patrick McCormack => Prax (Counterpoint)
Mark Harelik => Devore Inspector Kashyk (Counterpoint)
Randy Oglesby => Kir (Counterpoint)
J. Paul Boehmer => 'One,' 29th-Century Borg Drone (Drone)
John Savage => Captain Rudy Ransom (Equinox: Part 1)
Rick Worthy => Crewman Noah Lessing (Equinox: Part 1)
Robert Picardo => Equinox EMH (Equinox: Part 1)
Titus Welliver => Lt. Cmdr. Maxwell Burke (Equinox: Part 1)
Joseph Ruskin => Vulcan Master (Gravity)
LeRoy D. Brazile => Young Tuvok (Gravity)
Lori Petty => Noss (Gravity)
Paul Eckstein => Supervisor Yost (as Paul S. Eckstein) (Gravity)
Kate Vernon => Commander Valerie Archer (In The Flesh)
Ray Walston => Boothby (In The Flesh)
Tucker Smallwood => Admiral Bullock (In The Flesh)
Zach Galligan => Ensign David Gentry (In The Flesh)
Katelin Petersen => Annika Hansen (Dark Frontier)
Kirk Baily => Magnus Hansen (Dark Frontier)
Laura Interval => Erin Hansen (Dark Frontier)
Susanna Thompson => Borg Queen (Dark Frontier)
Ken Magee => Controller Emck (Night)
Martin Rayner => Dr. Chaotica (Night)
Steven Dennis => Night Alien (as Steve Dennis) (Night)
Tarik Ergin => Satan's Robot (Night)
Kirsten Turner => Constance Goodheart (Bride of Chaotica!)
Nicholas Worth => Lonzak, Chaotica's adjutant (Bride of Chaotica!)
LeVar Burton => Captain Geordi La Forge (Timeless)
Louis Ferreira => Trevis (Once Upon a Time)
Wallace Langham => Flotter T. Water III (Once Upon a Time)
Marva Hicks => T'Pel (Bliss)
William Morgan Sheppard => Qatai (as W. Morgan Sheppard) (Bliss)
McKenzie Westmore => Ensign Jenkins (Warhead)
Nancy Bell => Ensign Ahni Jetal (Latent Image)
Ned Romero => Chakotay's Great-Grandfather (The Fight)
Allan Eastman => Director
Allan Kroeker => Director
Anson Williams => Director
Cliff Bole => Director
David Livingston => Director
John T. Kretchmer => Director
Les Landau => Director
LeVar Burton => Director
Michael Vejar => Director
Robert Duncan McNeill => Director / Tom Paris
Terrence O'Hara => Director
Terry Windell => Director
Winrich Kolbe => Director
Brannon Braga => Writer
Bryan Fuller => Writer
Jeri Taylor => Writer
Joe Menosky => Writer
Kenneth Biller => Writer
Michael Taylor => Writer
Nick Sagan => Writer
Robert Doherty => Writer
Jerry Goldsmith => Composer
Gene Roddenberry => Creator, Original Series
Alexander Enberg => Ensign Vorik
Ethan Phillips => Neelix
Garrett Wang => Harry Kim
Jeri Ryan => Seven of Nine
Josh Clark => Lieutenant Joe Carey
Kate Mulgrew => Captain Kathryn Janeway
Majel Barrett => Voyager Computer
Nancy Hower => Ensign Samantha Wildman
Robert Beltran => Chakotay
Robert Picardo => The Doctor
Roxann Dawson => B'Elanna Torres
Scarlett Pomers => Naomi Wildman
Tarik Ergin => Lieutenant Ayala
Tim Russ => Tuvok

Random Trivia For This Title:

  • Near the end of the series, Dominic Keating tried out for a role in the show. He was turned down because Rick Berman wanted him for his new series, [Enterprise].
  • The "voice" in the theme song is a synthesizer saying "Voyager" over and over again.
  • The episode {Counterpoint} features an alien race called the Devore, who routinely board and search passing ships for telepaths. The lead Devore investigator is named Kashyyk, after Chewbacca's home planet in Star Wars.
  • This is the only [Star Trek] series whose title sequence remained unchanged throughout its run, aside from one casting change (the replacement of "Jennifer Lien as Kes" with "Jeri Ryan as Seven of Nine"), and the changing of Roxann Dawson's name from the original Roxann Biggs-Dawson. The rank of the character's was also dropped from their names later during the series run.
  • The 'Star Trek Crews' from all the [Star Trek] series were ranked #2 in [TV Guide]'s list of the "25 Greatest Sci-Fi Legends" ({1 August 2004 issue}).