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Schlock Mercenary 15: Delegates and Delegation

Author(s): Sandra Tayler
Howard Tayler
Illustrator(s): Natalie Barahona
Travis Walton
Howard Tayler
Publisher: The Tayler Corporation
Pages: 160
Personal Rating: 8/10
Bindings:Paper Back
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Captain Alexia Murtaugh has a new ship and a new contract to provide embassy security. Sergeant Schlock has a new title and a shiny new "get out of jail free" card. Lieutenant Haley Sorlie has new friends, new implants for spying on them, and a newfound distaste for the politics of democracy.

As Earth orbits its way into a new century her people have new allies, new enemies, and that old, familiar panic one gets upon discovering that there really is something new under the sun.
Once again, Howard gives us a rip-roaring adventure with real humor and excitement.