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Schlock Mercenary 06: Resident Mad Scientist

Author(s): Howard Tayler
Dan Willis
Illustrator(s): Travis Walton
Howard Tayler
Publisher: The Tayler Corporation
Pages: 144
Personal Rating: 8/10
Amazon: 5/5
Goodreads: 4.5/5
Bindings:Paper Back
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Commander Kevyn Andreysn invented the Teraport so when something huge goes horribly wrong and starts interfering with every teraport in the galaxy Kevyn may be the only person who can set it right! Resident Mad Scientist is the sixth book in the Schlock Mercenary comic series.
I just love the part where Kevyn tosses his epaulet grenade at the tank and hoofs it away. Great stuff.
This one has a personalized illustration of Dr. Edward Bunnigus in the back of the book by Howard Tayler.
The introduction to this book was written by Greg Bear.
Contains strips spanning September 12 2004 through July 23 2005.
Ends with bonus story "Schlock Mercenary: The Mad Scientist's Residence".