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Schlock Mercenary 01: The Tub of Happiness

Author: Howard Tayler
Illustrator: Howard Tayler
Publisher: The Tayler Corporation
Pages: 240
Personal Rating: 7/10
Amazon: 5/5
Goodreads: 4/5
Bindings:Paper Back
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Welcome to Tagon's Toughs, a mercenary company whose newest recruit is almost as much trouble as the new owners. They want to revolutionize space travel. Schlock just wants to hurt people and break things. This 240-page volume takes the reader back to the very start of Schlock Mercenary, and then some. It opens with nine pages of all-new strips telling the story of how Schlock came to enlist, and then forges onward chronologically from the very first strip. It also includes concept sketches, commentary, excellent guest art, deck plans for the Kitesfear. If you've been waiting to devour this Schlock Mercenary from the very beginning, the wait is over: grab your big spoon and dig into the Tub of Happiness.
Tayler is a machine. He puts out a new strip every day. Since mid 2000. The illustrations start out a bit rough, but functional. By the end of this first book, Tayler's greatly improved and he continues to be very funny while not sacrificing story.
This one has a personalized illustration of Schlock in the back of the book by Howard Tayler.
Starts with bonus story "Schlock Mercenary: Baggage Claim".
Contains strips spanning June 12 2000 through November 10 2001.